Sunday, 10 April 2011

How to deal with the Troubles in Northern Ireland

Why can't we just hold a joint referendum both in Ireland and Britain to decide the issue of a United Ireland?

I would say YES to a United Ireland, so the British mainlanders can slough off their troubles once and for all. There ain't no oil and gold  in Northern Ireland after all, only Troubles, and it looks like Britain is going to have enough troubles of its own to be getting on with ...  

A Twitter discussion with Shane Greer

Shane Greer
@1party4all do you actually think that would resolve the situation in Northern Ireland?

@shanegreer Dunno about it solving the problem, but it would stop us having to deal with it. The Irish can deal with it from now on.

@shanegreer Shane Greer @
@1party4all you realise there are a lot of British people in Northern Ireland (i.e. most of the population)

@shanegreer I do realise NI is techncially British. They regard themselves as British but they are bit weird and fierce and no1 likes them.

shanegreer Shane Greer @
@1party4all you are an idiot

@shanegreer I wish you would not resort to name-calling when you are at a loss for words. Is anyone an idiot who doesn't agree with you?

@shanegreer Why do we want Northern Ireland? Nothing but a Crock of Troubles. Got enough of our own. Answer that, please.

@shanegreer u r from Belfast and Protestant and want to remain British. Wot would happen to you if you became Irish? What is the big deal?
@shanegreer I would have thought having an Irish passport is an advantage since you would not be quite as hated as a British passport holder 
@shanegreer It might make a great deal of difference if your plane is hijacked one day. Give my regards to Donal Blaney. 

@shanegreer Donal Blaney is an anally retentive prat and one of the many pygmies of Camoronic Conservatism

Shane Greer then blocked me from following his tweets.   What is it with these men who have hissy fits at the drop of a hat, say they are in politics, yet are simply are unable to debate without resort to childish name-calling the moment they are asked a challenging question?  

Shane Greer is a Conservative.    

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