Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Louis Theroux says he doesn't get what America's most hated family are trying to do

I got exactly where the Phelps were coming from, Louis. They wish to preach against liberal atheism and the free-for-all paedo fuckfest of female promiscuity that you and the BBC are so anxious to promote.

I can see it would make more sense for you to play dumb rather than finally get exactly why these people hate extra-marital sex which all the Abrahamic faiths forbid.  The Old and New Testament and the Koran are just a bunch of stupid books of fairy tales, you obviously think.  Why would anyone believe in any of that crap, your deadpan liberal face proclaims.  We have moved on from all that now, so what are these primitives and Neanderthals going on about ... Let's wind them up with a few more obvious questions and pretend to be shocked that these people actually have principles and are prepared to stand by them ...

Oh, you are just so good at playing dumb, Louis.  To say you finally get it would mean, well, the end of your career at the BBC ...   

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Adolfo said...

Oh, yes! I saw that documentary, but it’s an old one. It was aired in 2008, wasn’t it?
Anyway, someone should tell Theroux that one thing is to practice a Gonzo style journalism and something different is to play dumb. Most of the times he looks like a lost tourist asking for directions.
As for the Phelps, I think they are poor piss. They should show some respect! Picketing a funeral procession shows their low standards. A dead person and his mourners deserve respect, no matter if he was a faggot. The Phelps should also read their Bibles again. The Good Book is contradictory since in one part praises the ‘the love that don’t dare to say its name’ between David and Jonathan while in other parts condemns sodomy as an ‘abomination’, that is sodomy is not bad by itself, but for being an act of Paganism to please Babylonian Goddess Astarte. If the Phelps want to protest against homosexuality among US officials they should elaborate more seriously.