Monday, 18 April 2011

Martin Amis calls himself a gynocrat

"I am a gynocrat," he says. "I think the world would be better if women ruled it." Feminism today is only in "its second trimester", he adds, and when it reaches delivery it will make the world an even better place.

Do we need any further evidence that Martin Amis lacks insight into the causes of Broken Britain?  He comes from a broken family with bad blood, a tendency to excess, and thinks social responsibility is quite simply beneath him, from the look of things.  Look what happened to his late sister Sally Amis who liked her bit of rough and her Irish builders who beat her up, who didn't like sex but who got drunk in order to have sex because that was the only way she knew how to relate to other human beings in her fucked up little way.  She was a groupie, don't you know.

Dad Kingsley Amis didn't care much for Sally because he suspected he wasn't his.  He was a serial adulterer and his wife thought she'd get her own by having some revenge sex and then got knocked up herself.

From the sound of things, if Sally Amis had kept her baby she would have turned into a Tracy Connelly, you know, the mother of Baby P.

That is the kind of happiness Martin Amis would like this country to have more of from the sound of things. He likes writing his self-indulgent trash so he can spread more of his twisted liberal fucking shit.  A pox on him and his ilk. (Anna Ford's accusation) and (the shit Amis defending himself and counter-attacking in a manner more bitchy than gentlemanly) show that even feminists and Lefties hate him for just being the selfish lying piece of woman-hating shit that he is, who apparently confuses wanting to fuck women with being a "gynocrat".

And now we are a gynocratic nation in just the way Martin Amis said would be good for us.

But perhaps we can show that we do not want to be gynocratic nation by tarring and feathering him, metaphorically if not physically.  I cannot imagine that this man now has a single friend left prepared to come to his defence.   

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