Monday, 18 April 2011

UK funds to help Libya civilians

Taxpayers pay for bombing Libya whether they want to or not.  Taxpayers pay for refugees to come here whether they want them to come or not.

So this is our much-vaunted "democracy" while we tell Gaddafi to be more democratic and govern his country better.

Many not in government anticipated this would happen, but for some reason Cameron couldn't see this coming. 
Is it a requirement in this country, then, to only choose those who cannot anticipate the bleeding obvious to be in charge of the ship of state?

Did Cameron really think bombing Libya would make him more popular and more likely to be re-elected?  What an odd stupid mad sort of bad man he must be then.  It must now be pretty obvious that our political system is not fit for purpose but it is also pretty obvious that no one really much cares or thinks much can be done about it.

A definition of British government is the blind leading the even blinder.   

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