Friday, 3 June 2011

There may be a plot by the disabled to assassinate me

In discussions in the Disabled People Against Claire Khaw Facebook group, the word "assassination" was used by a certain John Savage.

I fear that there is a plan being hatched by the #disabled for my #assassination. @riveninside @jwscullis11985 @Bocciasmithy

There are drive-by shootings and cycle-by shootings. Perhaps a wheelchair shooting for me? @riveninside @jwscullis11985 @Bocciasmithy
Facebook friend:

"I doubt it somehow. Mind you a wheelchair does make a raltively stable firing platform :)" 

There are drive-by and cycle-by shootings. Perhaps a #wheelchair shooting for me? #assassination @riveninside @jwscullis11985 @Bocciasmithy

Facebook friend 1:

"Watch out for those mutiles de guerre!"


"Yet more threats on my life. This is all rather worrying. But if anything happens to me, and you hear of a spectacular assassination by wheelchair in the news, please care enough to mention this to the police so that the ringleaders are rounded up and questioned. 

The disabled should not be above the law, although they seem to think they have the right not to be offended.

In order that they are not offended, I must be forced to bring up any severely disabled baby I have, ruin my marriage and suffer a lonely old age with no normal child to at least make arrangements to send me into a home, just to please them.  It is quite clear that they do not think I should be allowed to say I do not wish to bring up a severely disabled child because they find this to be offensive.    

Surely this is not quite right?
Free speech is worth dying for. I think so anyway."

Facebook friend 2:

"how embarrasing....on your over by a wheel chair!!....." 

Facebook friend 1:

"I wonder if the police would dare to do more than issue a caution these days. Prosecuting a mob of militant cripples would be such bad PR and bring down the censure of the liberal establishment... 
...even if they didn't have a leg to stand on."

Should I die in suspicious circumstances, the following may be able to help the police with their enquiries:!/riveninside!/jwscullis11985!/Bocciasmithy!/Phillip_Blond

Yes, Philip Blond, think tanker and theologian, is privy to these discussions as he remains a member of the Disabled People Against Claire Khaw Facebook group.


Anonymous said...

Ha, haha, hahahahahaha

If you weren't such an offensive person you'd be funny

Claire Khaw said...

I am funny precisely because I am offensive.

Anonymous said...

No you're not funny, you're demented. What is hilarious is that you publish words that people could easily sue you for defamation. People don't dislike you because you said you wouldn't want to raise a disabled child, they dislike you because you said these people had no worth, no place in society and advocated smothering them at birth. Thank Fuck noone reads your blog.

Anonymous said...

funny or just immature and devoid of empathy ? People over 25 decide !

Claire Khaw said...

Total Pageviews

So a few people read my blogs.

I will say again that I do not advocate that other people smother their severely disabled babies at birth.

I am only saying that I would smother my own, or, preferably, have the midwife do it for me.

As a libertarian I have a fundamental objection to anyone having to pay for the babies of anyone else, whether able-bodied or disabled.

Let's be clear about this. Are you expecting me to bring up my own severely baby just to please you and people like you?

Are you also saying I do not have the right to say I do not wish to bring up a severely disabled baby?

Anonymous said...

Claire, you say the unsayable. Having initially been astonished by your views I now consider that you say things for effect and to stimulate debate. I notice one of your interests in Philosophy, are some of your statements made from a philosophical viewpoint?
You do not offend me - even if I do raise my eyebrows at times.

Claire Khaw said...

All my statements can be defended from a philosophical and legal standpoint, I like to think. You are very welcome to test me in this regard.

Anonymous said...

No - no need to test you. You've confirmed what I thought. In that case am guessing that on a personal basis (ie in real life) you are very different.
I think things need to be debated - even if they may appear "unsayable".