Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Aphorisms of Claire Khaw

  1. "There should only be as many laws that are consistent with a society that is both law-abiding and jealous of its liberties."
  2. "God certainly exists as a concept, and Man should know because it was Man who created God."
  3. "God was created by Man to assist him in his government, morality and spirituality."
  4. "God is the policeman inside your head."
  5. "God is cheaper and less intrusive than CCTV."
  6. "The Koran is a good enough guide for Man, whether or not he believes in the actual existence of God."
  7. "God, if He exists, would operate through your conscience."
  8. "The best way to treat God is to behave as if He exists, while being indifferent to His actual existence.  Let us call this Agnostic Indifference."
  9. "It is perfectly possible that the so-called Prophets of God did not themselves actually believe in God, but behaved rather like parents who tell their children about Father Christmas as a way of encouraging good behaviour."
  10. "Your soul is the memory you leave behind, which takes on an existence independent of you after you have died."
  11. "God is the most powerful idea conceived by Man."
  12. "All the evidence against me is already online."
  13. "Liberals like to pretend that everyone is as nice as they are when they are being nice. Conservatives know that everyone is as nasty as they are when they are being nasty." 
  14. "A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity and a matriarchy is a society that condones female promiscuity."
  15. "Punishing female promiscuity serves as prevention because it is seen as a warning to other sluts, while punishing male promiscuity serves only as a cure, after the bastard has been born.  Prevention is better than cure."
  16. "The woman who thinks a man to whom she is not married is having sex with her with the intention of paying for the upkeep of any illegitimate offspring they conceive is stupid enough to be spayed so that her genes do not contaminate the next generation."
  17. "The only miscegenation we should worry about is the miscegenation of the unmarried."
  18. "Tolerating single motherhood is tolerating female promiscuity, which is far more dangerous to the long term health of any society than tolerating male promiscuity."
  19. "Lust is a deadly sin.  Like a slow-growing cancer on any organ below the belt, by the time it manifests itself, the cancer will have spread to other organs.  Just under half the babies born in Britain are now born out of wedlock.  Bastardy is therefore now the norm in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.  When over 50% are bastards we will have reached the point of no return on our journey to hell in a handcart."
  20. "Female promiscuity is the facilitator of male promiscuity."
  21. "A slut is analogous to a drug dealer who consumes his own merchandise rather than seeking the best and most regular customer."
  22. "The instinctive abhorrence of bastardy felt by other cultures has been bred out of Western Man after too many decades of feminism and the welfare state."
  23. "The white race is the race most affected and infected by feminism and liberalism."
  24. "The only good matriarchy is a dead matriarchy."
  25. "If your society is a matriarchy then it means that your society is ill, perhaps terminally ill."
  26. "The trouble with feminism is that its ideology of gender equality allows women to be as promiscuous as men."
  27. "It behoves the one who is left holding the baby to take more care with contraception."
  28. "Feminism allows women to claim that they are equal to men, superior to men and at the same time also in need of the financial support of men."
  29. "Feminism, like Communism, is an unnatural ideology and all unnatural and artificial ideologies are destructive to the health and happiness of its practitioners."
  30. "Most of the strength, wealth and wisdom acquired after centuries of struggle by the white man has been thrown away and forgotten after half a century of feminism, liberalism and consumerism."
  31. "Women are validated by how many people are dependent on them.  The more dependent they are, the more important she feels.  Indeed, she sometimes deliberately infantilises her children and her men in order to make herself more important and needed.  The tragedy of it is that they let her." 
  32. "I am the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman."
  33. " 'Stupid slut' is a pleonasm and a tautology."
  34. "All women are prostitutes, and all men are punters. This is no tragedy, for it was always ever thus. The tragedy for a woman is to sell herself too cheaply or to price herself right out of the market. The tragedy for a man is to not get value for his money or do the equivalent of buying a car he cannot afford to run."
  35. "Some people would rather die than change their minds."
  36. "The only afterlife we have is the reputation we leave behind."
  37. "We are what we think we are and what others think we are."
  38. "The only thing contentious man can agree upon is that we cannot agree on anything. By striving for minimum government, we strive for greater liberty, which may be something we could just agree is logical. Those who do not find this desirable are the ones who prefer safety to liberty, and consequently deserve neither." 
  39. "All thoughtcrime is inherently illiberal, but there is now much thoughtcrime legislation being enacted in the name of liberalism."
  40. "Good is all that is necessary to make life pleasurable enough to live. Evil is the unnecessary infliction of pain upon another."
  41. "No representation without taxation."
  42. "If voters had to pay a minimum of tax in order to vote, all the scroungers in the country would be instantly disenfranchised."
  43. "If housewives and mothers saw to it that their husbands would pay them a sum of money that represented a minimum of tax they are required to pay in order to vote, most of them would end up spending it on some feminine frivolity than vote."
  44. "It would be the easiest thing in the world to do to undermine the entire basis of liberalism, for there are many questions liberals cannot answer honestly without ceasing to be liberals."
  45. "The mystery of the Trinity cannot be solved without ceasing to be a Christian."
  46. "Western philosophy has wasted centuries trying to either prove or disprove the existence of God."
  47. "Western philosophy is mostly about asking silly questions and not expecting a proper answer."
  48. "A degree in philosophy is a sign of three years spent learning how to talk incomprehensibly and pretentiously in order to attract the hatred, ridicule and contempt of right-thinking members of society."
  49. "The reason why Western civilisation is not flourishing is because Western philosophy is not wise."
  50. Western philosophy should concern itself less with theology and more with the ways of distinguishing truth from falsehood, reason from nonsense, determining what is necessary and unnecessary and deciding what is practicable and impracticable.
  51. Wisdom can predict the future.     
  52. "Liberalism is feminine, Conservatism is masculine.  There should be a balance of Yin and Yang."
  53. "There is nothing at all clever in getting a man to have sex with you, because most men cannot say no and will think it rude to refuse if you are offering them free sex."
  54. "When men become women, who will protect the men?  Not the women, who will mate with the enemy."
  55. "Liberals would cling to their reputation for indiscriminate compassion and Free Love at any cost, though the skies fall in and the world lose its reason."
  56. "Liberalism is a demented, vacillating, cowardly, hypocritical old woman afraid of being told that she is dying of a terminal illness."
  57. "Women mostly cannot discuss politics rationally because they take disagreement with their views as a personal insult."
  58. "Women tend to be more insecure, vindictive, interfering and censorious than men and it is therefore a mistake to let them have too much power."  
  59. "A woman generally seeks martyrdom, while a man seeks success."
  60. "Only civic nationalism can give ethno-nationalists the means and the liberty to be with their own kind." 
  61. "Nationhood is a collective consciousness of a desire transcending race and class to become a nation for the greater good."  
  62. "Nationalism should be defined as a pragmatic ideology of serving the National Interest, and the National Interest is nothing more and nothing less than the judicious balancing of the conflicting interests of those who belong to that nation, for the greater good, in the long term."
  63. "The distinction between politics and religion is a distinction without a difference."
  64. "What is the point of having a succession of governments that cannot think beyond the next election?"
  65. "Since there is such a dearth of political talent in all the parties, it would be logical to only have one party that would allow differences to be resolved within that party."
  66. " 'Religion' comes from the word 'religare' - the Latin for 'to bind'.  Religion was what the ancients used for social cohesion." 
  67. "Religion is just another word for ideology."
  68. "‎'Ummah' - the Muslim version of Christendom - is sometimes translated as nation. This demonstrates that the concept of nation is greater than that of race."
  69. "In fact, ethno-nationalism is nothing more than racial tribalism. If that is the case then it is civic nationalism that will preserve the right to be with your own kind."
  70. "Civic nationalism is the only true form of nationalism and ethno-nationalism is just divisive tribalism glorified."
  71. ‎"The concept of nation transcends race. They are not the same thing or they would not be two different words. The former is abstract, nobler and harder to grasp and achieve, and the other refers to the colour of a person's skin."
  72. "A one-party state need not be totalitarian if its constitution protects the free speech and rights of its members more effectively than the Conservative Party constitution protects the rights of the Prime Minister's Cabinet Ministers."   
  73. "The Chinese Communist Party constitution protects the rights of its members by listing what they are, while the Conservative Party constitution is intentionally totalitarian."   
  74. "Whom we are allowed to have sex with has always been a deeply political subject.  Liberals, even as they hysterically insist that sex is nothing to do with morality, are demonstrating that it is."
  75. "The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men."
  76. "Feminism turns women into bad mothers who cannot be criticised."
  77. "The hand of the slut single mum that rocks the cradle in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland will destroy what's left of its civilisation."
  78. "The more you tolerate bastards and never married mothers, the more of them there will be."
  79. "Liberalism rewards the unproductive and pathetic at the expense of the productive, responsible and noble."
  80. "Even the bastards and single mothers who have done well are part of the problem, if they censor the criticism of bastards and single mothers." 
  81. "The Chinese term for bastard is translated literally as 'it is the mother's' - 'ma te' expressed in two short syllables.  What is the mother's?  The reason why one is having the trouble with the bastard in question is due to the morals and mothering of the single mother in question.  
  82. "The fact that the illegitimate are called bastards, which is also a term abuse, should put us on notice that it is not a good idea to have too many of them in your society."
  83. "We know who is in power by the ones we cannot criticise.  In Britain, the disabled and their single mother are beyond criticism, which suggests that the men of Britain are either very easily frightened or very gullible indeed."
  84. "Not discouraging bastardy amounts to encouraging the stupid to breed with the poor, and the irresponsible with the depraved."
  85. "Feminism turns men into women while the women stay women."
  86. "In Britain, there is the Weaker Sex, and the Even Weaker Sex."
  87. "Feminism bribes men with cheap sex and easy women, which is the only benefit for men."
  88. "Because men are only after One Thing, giving them Free Love only corrupts their characters and turns them into women."
  89. "Once upon a time, all the countries of the world were naturally and incorrigibly fascist."
  90. "Fascism was how the world naturally operated on, until the term was coined."
  91. "Fascism AKA Conservatism is patriarchal and Liberalism matriarchal.  When there are two evils, always choose the lesser one"
  92. "Neanderthal Man became extinct because it was matriarchal and because Homo Sapiens, who were patriarchal, easily defeated him."
  93. "A matriarchy allows the female to mate on the basis of short term considerations of arousal and sexual prowess.  A patriarchy compels her to choose her partner wisely."
  94. "Women who choose their partners wisely can improve the quality of the next generation while sluts cause the deterioration of the next generation, as does the female-dominated 'progressive' teaching profession who refuse to criticise slut single mums."
  95. "It is much easier to get a man to fuck you than to get him to marry you.  Too many British women these days are taking the easy way out."
  96. "A prostitute who is not a burden on the state should be considered a degree above a never married mother who is."
  97. "Judaism is Thesis, Christianity is Antithesis, and Islam is Synthesis."
  98. "Even Hitler would have to admit that the Chinese are more successful practitioners of National Socialism than Germans."
  99. "The moment the Soviets gave up on the idea of World Communism, they became National Socialists. The moment they had a multi-party system, they became a corrupt oligarchy like us."
  100. "The world was once naturally and unselfconsciously fascist.  It was only after the term was invented by those who  lost wars that it came to be regarded as a political aberration.  Even liberals practise fascism in their own way when they pass thoughtcrime legislation and censor free speech." 
  101. "Democracy should be limited to those who relish and are capable of making difficult political decisions for the greater good.  That would be about 10% of the population."
  102. "Forgiving your enemies serves a very practical purpose.  All those who participate successfully in politics know the utility of having a forgiving nature, for it is this that disarms our enemies."
  103. "War is violence committed by one state against another. Revolution or terrorism can be violence committed by a group against a state or innocent civilians.  As there can be just wars, so can there be 'just terrorism'. Terrorists (or violent revolutionaries) only become freedom fighters and statesmen if they are successful in their terrorism.  Good government entails the prevention of grievance that causes acts of terrorism to be committed, and bad governments deserve to be overthrown." 
  104. "All political enterprises end in failure, exhaustion and extinction. It is all about getting into power soonest and staying in power longest."
  105. "I do not think more than 10% of the people in any society should be allowed to participate in democracy."
  106. "Ein Volk, ein Reich, eine Partei."
  107. "The Koran if interpreted correctly is neither excessively liberal or excessively Conservative. Nor is it excessively patriarchal or excessively matriarchal. It encourages businesses enterprise but enjoins charity. All races are equal and its creation story resembles the Big Bang and it forbids compulsion in belief.  How the hell did the Muslims manage to mess up this great religion?  By not reading and debating the Koran and trusting their 'scholars' to do it for them, by allowing the Gates of Interpretation, closed centuries ago, to remain closed.  Otherwise, it would be the perfect ideology that is the middle way between capital and communism, the patriarchy and the matriarchy, for all humanity."
  108. "Any one-party state that says it acts in the National Interest and cares about its poor is arguably National Socialist."
  109. "Chinese civilisation rose and fell and rose again very quickly because its one-party state encouraged its politicians to be rational, robust and resourceful while minimising political differences by its all-encompassing embrace of compulsory comradeship."
  110. "Fascism in the early 21st century is but Conservatism demonised."
  111. "Feminism is all about saying that women are simultaneously equal, superior and also in need of the protection and support of men. That is all feminism is. Do not expect anything resembling rationalism or morality to come from this incoherent and immoral ideology that supports the right of women to be as promiscuous as men and rewarding them, while punishing men for the same sin."
  112. "The eternal questions ought to be (1) What is necessary (2) What is practicable (3) What is true and  (4) What is right, and not, as in Western philosophy, centuries of asking the divisive question of whether God exists, and never even expecting to receive a proper answer."
  113. "Religion is for people who can't do politics."
  114. "War and Revolution is like defecation and vomiting: ugly, but necessary to rid the body of toxins "
  115. "To be happy one must first learn to be content."
  116. "If you want to change people's behaviour there is the carrot and the stick. Liberals never want to use the stick, while Conservatives use all available means at their disposal, unhampered by the cowardly, pathetic and effeminate liberal obsession to be indiscriminately compassionate."
  117. "In politics, it is better to be abused than to be ignored."
  118. "My reputation for alleged lunacy and insanity comes not from saying things that I feel to be true, but for daring to say them."
  119. "Jews recommend liberalism to the gentile in the same way that a wife who wants to her husband to die of a heart attack  would ply him with cream while declining to partake saying she must watch her figure."
  120. "A Muslim told me that Muslims can only be defeated with the Koran. Presumably he meant that the worst of Muslims - the ones who claim to be Muslim while ignoring the commandments in the Koran - can be defeated by interpreting the Koran better than they can."
  121. "Liberalism, Atheism, Feminism, Free Love and the Matriarchy are the natural enemies of Conservatism, God, Family, Marriage  and the Patriarchy."
  122. "Women are as afraid of being accused of hard-heartedness in  precisely the same way that men used to be afraid of being accused of effeminacy.  I, being the mind of a man happily inhabiting the body of a woman, would rather be hated for telling the truth than to be loved for the lies I tell."  
  123. "The Little People need to believe in their Santa of Little People for not everyone can be Nietzscheans. The little and the lame need their crutches and therefore the strong and the swift must give it to them, as parents pander to the sensibilities and susceptibilities of children. It would be callous not to allow the Little People their certainties and their comforts. Indeed, even the swift and strong sometimes feel small and become lame, and God is indeed greater than His Creator, who is Man. Therein lies the secret of the literal translation of 'Allahu akbar' -  'God is greater than His Creation and His Creator (who is Man).'  "
  124. "Let it not be said that I am ant-Semite who believes in a Jewish conspiracy against the goyim.  It only seems so because Christians have had their minds destroyed through centuries of Trinitarian indoctrination, which is immensely corrupting and enfeebling because it forces them to pretend to believe that Christ is really God.   It will not be long before the availability of Islam will make the inferiority of Christianity glaringly obvious once Western civilisation - currently being very ill-served by a mongrelised Christian Liberalism - hits rock bottom."
  125. "The elephant in the room is not so much the elephant in the room, but the fact that people in the room dare not blame the ones who brought the elephant into the room."
  126. "Politics is all about finding out what it is necessary for you to do in order to do what you need to do. What is necessary is always moral."
  127. ‎"Feminism is the main prop of the consumer society and the welfare state, that is so toxic to the institutions of marriage and family as well as the practice of rational government based on rational moral principles. The alarming and precipitate decline of Western civilisation demonstrates what feminism can do to your civilisation if you let women have too much power."
  128. "Feminism is the main driver of the consumer society.  It is after all women who love to shop."
  129. "God Himself was man-made and His commandments and laws are man-interpreted. A perfect instrument misused by the morally-deficient cannot produce perfect results."
  130. "Israel is the clearest example of [the Christians] robbing Peter [Muslim] to pay Paul [Jew]."
  131. "Animals don't marry each other, only humans do. The more humans don't marry each other before having children, the more like animals they become."
  132. "I have deconstructed and reconstructed God."
  133. "Our Emotions are the means by which we gauge the Quality of our Reason. If we do unwise things, we suffer emotional distress. If we use our Reason and behave wisely, we experience the emotional gratification of thinking ourselves wise, beloved, good and fortunate."
  134. "Judaism is a club while Islam is a political party."
  135. "You don't have to believe in God to believe in Sin, for Sin is only what is bad for you in the long term, for you and your society."
  136. "I am a Jew at heart, but in practice a Muslim."
  137. "Morality is the cake of religion, while Spirituality is its icing."
  138. "Marriage is the agreement to be penalised if the marriage ends in divorce."
  139. "Religion is politics and politics is conflict. But politics is the highest calling of man, and man is a political animal."
  140. "Tribes can consist of people of the same race. Different tribes can agree to put their differences aside and become a nation. Those tribes who freely decide to become a nation because they know it is in their best interests to do so do not have to be of the same race, only of the same mind."
  141. "Women are the other half of the nation and they now have the vote.  Therefore they too have responsibility for at least half the nation's ills, particularly as they refuse to see anything wrong with having children out of wedlock, refuse to condemn it, and condemn anyone who condemns it.  Feminism, and women who unquestioningly support feminism, are the cause of at least half the nation's ills - more, if they have more power than men, and it does look as if women have more power than men now.  The men who support feminism - which bribes them with cheap and free sex mainly from unmarried single mothers and those who will become the single mothers of the future - are sleeping with the Enemies of Society."
  142. "Tradition is something apparently pointless that we do, in order to please our fathers."
  143. "Our traditions come from our fathers, not our mothers."
  144. "Feminism has orphaned white men from their traditions and their masculinity."
  145. "There is no God but the imaginary all-powerful entity that Man created, in his God-like way.  Man only had to conceive of God to create Him."
  146. "Men and women being roughly each about 50% of the population are proportionately responsible for the world's ills.  However, if women have more power than men, they are responsible for more than half of the world's ills.  This is now the situation that pertains in the West.  That is why Western civilisation is now going down the plughole, because feminised Western men have allowed their Slut Single Mums to breed without restraint their feral variously-fathered bastards  - who are the forces of Chaos and Disorder - to overwhelm their thinning ranks of Order and Reason."
  147. "In pre-feminist times, rational women would sell themselves to men for the highest price, or their parents would arrange for this. After the advent of feminism, women get jobs and buy the things they want themselves.  In the practice of feminism the women impoverish the men, corrupt the government by their economic and voting power, forget to have enough good quality children, and impoverish the society they have infested."
  148. “Feminists caused the ‘demographic time bomb’, which is what they and the liberals call the soon to be old.  They will defuse it by means of a device called  Euthanasia."
  149. "The policies and practices of feminism break up the family and thereby consign to the scrapheap the elderly, who will be neglected and abused by their new feminist-trained graduate nurses who think nursing and women’s work beneath them."
  150. "Men who wish to protest against the behaviour of variously-fathered feral bastards of Slut Single Mums are vulnerable to accusations of paedophilia, who will be treated as guilty unless they prove themselves innocent. Such are the rewards of submitting to feminism in the West, for these Slut Single Mums who are supported by feminists devalue age and wisdom and overvalue the superficial qualities of youth and beauty.  But even Slut Single Mums and their feminist supporters will in time grow old and be in turn neglected and abused by the women they have indoctrinated when they lie childless and doubly incontinent in the bed of an uncaring care home."
  151. "Men empower the worst of women when they say it is OK to be a Slut Single Mum. A slut, however, is not an honest prostitute, but a dishonest one who will charge men more than they ever intended to pay. She is like the saleswoman who tells you something is free, when really it is not and full of hidden charges.”
  152. "Politics is atheists trying to find a religion everyone can all agree on."
  153. "The civilisation that fails to regulate the sexual morality of its women declines and falls."
  154. "So many cynics are afraid to defend good ideas that they want to be the first to sneer at them so as not to appear fools for ever supporting what they feel can only fail."
  155. “A revolutionary does not wait upon events like a servant, but sees to it that events are engineered in the service of the Cause, or at the very least, that opportunities are not lost. The revolutionary does what is actually necessary to make things happen, rather than do only what he wishes to do, unlike a mere activist.”
  156. “In the advanced stages of matriarchal dementia, white people find the word 'nigger' more offensive than black people do, and 'black' more offensive than 'cunt'."
  157. “The difference between a slut and a slut single mum is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.”
  158. “Politics is applied philosophy.  Unfortunately for the West, Western philosophy is not very wise.”
  159. “It is a law of nature that the more promiscuous you allow your women to be, the more fearful of women your men will be, and the more cowardly, hypocritical, atomised, irrational and chaotic your society will become.”
  160. “Just as a bachelor is an unmarried man and a spinster an unmarried woman, a slut is the mother of a bastard.”
  161. “Liberals don’t like condemning anything and being party poopers because that is so uncool. This means they will never condemn evil because they care more about how they seem to others than about any kind of morality. Liberalism is basically compulsory stupidity (because it commands the suspension of our judgement when it tells us not to be "judgemental" on matters of sexual morality) as well as compulsory promiscuity, compulsory cowardice, compulsory compassion and compulsory hypocrisy.”
  162. “If you there is no principle you are prepared to die for, then you have no principles.”
  163. “We must remember that ALL criminal bastards come from slut single mothers, without exception.”
  164. “A unique omnipotent God is the most powerful entity we can conceive of. It is also a very useful idea. Even if God does not exist we can still admire the majesty of this divine Creation of Man.”
  165. “There is no harm in instilling a belief in God in those who are not the moral philosophers of society (and by this I mean those who do not see the point of being good for the sake of being good) to prevent the nation from being overwhelmed by the dark forces of sluttery, bastardy, dementia and chaos.”
  166. “A principled politician would wish to influence the powerful and gullible monster that is public opinion with honest arguments and exhortation, rather than set out to be its slave from the beginning, because he fears to incur its wrath.”
  167. "Politicians are really the sewage workers of ideas, but modern Western politicians do not like getting their hands dirty with the ugly truth or unpopular ideas.  That is why the sewage is now lapping at our feet." 
  168. “Insanity is when you are mistaken as to some material and fundamental fact and cannot and will not be corrected. It is not when you are morally wrong.”
  169. "Religion is for sheep, Politics is for shepherds, and wolves."
  170. "The Jews are the teacher's pets of God in a school of bullies and dunces."
  171. “If the Koran is a ship then much of the Hadith are the barnacled encrustations that slow its progress."
  172. "The ills of Western civilisation can be chiefly attributed to feminists refusing to give up their legal privileges while demanding yet more in ever shriller tones, while male politicians subjugated by the female vote submit to their demands.”
  173. "Feminism is the existence of legislation protecting the right of women to fuck whom they like without fear of the consequences, at the expense of men, children and the future of your nation."
  174. "We are what we are. Some of us care about what we ought to be."
  175. "I would define 'nation' as 'groups of peoples who agree to be part of a nation in furtherance of their common good'."
  176. "I delight in my ideas being tested to destruction. The trouble is getting people to even approach them to have a look."
  177. "It is paradoxical to create something and then worship this thing that we created just by thinking of it.  But that is the delight and power of ideas and the human imagination. In this way is man like God."
  178. "In a degenerate society, women find good men dull and bad men attractive, and will cheat on good men with bad men, and are not punished for this preference.  A degenerate society condones female promiscuity while punishing male promiscuity.  We should always choose the lesser evil if it is available.  Sadly, our degenerate politicians who court the vote of the degenerate voter cannot do even this, and are tied together leading each other inexorably to the edge of doom."
  179. "‎The corruption of women's morals infect men's."
  180. "People call deviating from the norm "extreme". It is as well to deviate from the irrational, if the norm is irrational."
  181. "An atheist who wants a theocracy is no better or worse than parents who instils in their offspring a belief in Santa."
  182. "Freedom is what you should have after all the laws necessary for society are in place."
  183. “Morality is about articulating, understanding and applying abstract concepts, as well as balancing them against each other for the greater good.”
  184. “The doctrine of the Trinity served the purpose of pretending that Christ didn’t die like a common criminal, in an age when people were credulous.”
  185. “The most significant act of existentialism was when Man created God, proceeded to worship Him as if He existed, and tried to get everyone else to do so too.”
  186. "Just because God is a creation of Man, this does not in any way detract from the divine grandeur of this conception."
  187. "If I am biased, I am biased in favour of Truth and Reason."
  188. "Feminism is the absurd idea that women should be treated as the equals of men without first compelling them to give up their privileges."
  189. "Women and the urban proletariat have these in common - the inability to think clearly, mawkish sentimentality and the compulsion to be generous with other people's money. I already know that sentimental people are renowned for their cruelty. The shrewd peasant is above women and the urban proletariat."
  190. "An imperfect religion must be separated from the state.  However, a perfect religion should and must be incorporated into the governing principles of the state."
  191. The reason why women cannot be trusted with too much political power is because she is less likely to respect free speech.  It is only natural that she would dislike the thing that hurts her feelings or offends her sensibilities, and Nature has decreed that it is womanly to be sensitive to the emotions and opinions of others."
  192. "Feminism is the absurd notion that it is either moral or sustainable to allow women to do men's jobs badly while neglecting their own work."
  193. The Matriarchy is dangerous to everyone, including itself.   
  194. “No libertarian can be a feminist and no feminist a libertarian, for feminism can only be sustained by a bloated over-bearing nanny state.”
  195. "What's wrong with feminism is that you get most women behaving like bad men and most men behaving like bad women."
  196. "Feminists are just selfish, stupid and promiscuous women who will cling to their privileges at all costs, with no thought for the future or the long-term national interest or the harm they do to society.
  197. Man created God to protect him from Woman."
  198. "It is the female who is really the one who practises eugenics. This she does by choosing the best possible father for her children and the best possible HUSBAND for herself BEFORE HAVING CHILDREN. Western women are not fit for this purpose when they have children without first finding a husband. Western governments are not fit for purpose when they allow their stupid immoral women to breed at the expense of the taxpayer and even now refuse to criticise them."
  199. "Politics is about imposing your view of what is right on those who disagree with you."
  200. "To be a social conservative in the 21st century is to be called a Far Right Extremist."   
  201. "In 21st century Britain, to be a moderate means to be the euphemism for being a coward."
  202. "The women complained, and the men complied."
  203. "Liberalism was the thin end of the wedge of Feminism"
  204. "The nation should be made to run on the principles of Good Husbandry instead of the preferences of the stupid, immoral and profligate slut with degenerate and illegitimate offspring.   Sadly, most women in the West are sluts, and female suffrage is well-established.   It is not however too late to change this by means of a Cultural Revolution to counter the pernicious effects of Cultural Marxism that have been sowing its seeds since the Sex Revolution by questioning, challenging and defeating feminism as a morally respectable or rational ideology."
  205. "The law sets a limit on our immorality when God fails to restrain us."
  206. "As an instrument of government, it could be said that God is an infinite resource."
  207. "We are what we eat. That is why the Christians are so keen on pretending to eat the flesh of Christ, whom they also believe is God, and pretending to drink his blood."
  208. "The attraction of racism is that it allows people who don’t know to think they do know."
  209. ""The sacred cows of liberal atheists are (1) feminism (2) extramarital sex (3) PC censorship of anything deemed to offend members of another race, women, Jews, the disabled, homosexuals and people who have difficulties adjusting to the demands and responsibilities of the sex they were born as (4) Holocaust Denial laws (5) no-fault divorce"
  210. "The tragedy of Western women is that most of them will not find a husband of comparable quality to their fathers or grandfathers because morbidly feminised Western society no longer teaches men to be masculine. Instead, it denigrates masculine virtues while promoting feminine vices, encouraging effeminacy amongst men and promiscuity amongst women."


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