Sunday, 3 July 2011

Kia Abdullah, the gap year and liberal parenting

Not a nice thing to say but I think liberal parents who pay for their sons and daughters to have sex and take drugs in foreign lands "deserve" what they get: their sons killed, their daughters raped or knocked up by some foreigner whose name she can't even spell or pronounce properly ...

The kindest interpretation on this is that Kia intended to insult liberal parents.  After all, liberal parents who pay for their kids to go on their gap year are liberal parents who pay for their kids to go on their gap year to fuck themselves silly and get out of their heads on drugs.

Parents who can afford to pay for this are MIDDLE CLASS and WHITE and LIBERAL, which means they have SHIT FOR BRAINS.

These things are Nature's way of culling the rich and the stupid. Survival of the fittest and all that.

I wonder if I have found in Kia Abdullah a soul mate and a political ally. Perhaps she would make just as good a BNP mayoral candidate as I?

If only I could get Nick Griffin to support her!  After all, the white working class hate all this self-indulgent white middle class because they can't afford this shit anyway. 
Perhaps we could even run on a joint ticket and do a jobshare if we get elected.

"Kia and Claire for Mayor"?

Claire and Kia's Public Service Message:



shit for brains said...

Kia Abdullah should be fined, flogged, and then deported for her hate crimes

Eva Bradley-Williams said...

Max, Bruno and Conrad paid for their own gap year. They saved up for months for their gap year. So no, they did not 'get the shit they deserved'.
They lived in South East London and attended a state school.
Its tragic and you disgust me for sticking up for Kia and for making your own remarkably outrageous, emotionless comment

Claire Khaw said...

They must have had an enviable rate of pocket money then, Eva.

I cannot believe that they did not receive any parental subsidy for their trip.

This post is not really about whether Max, Bruno and Conrad deserved to die, but whether a gap year spent in Thailand is a good idea.

Perhaps this is now moot, when parents find they can no longer afford to send their children abroad on a hedonist's holiday and reflect on the feelings of loss, futility and waste they would experience if any son or daughter of theirs died on holiday in this tragically pointless way.

Is it worth it? Are you improving their job prospects and future? Can you afford it?

Are these young Britons giving the impresson to foreigners of British youth that right-thinking members of society in this country would wish?

The answer to all these questions, I would submit, is NO.

Don't pay to put your child in moral and physical danger and bring your country into disrepute.