Friday, 16 September 2011

Proposed party to replace BNP and UKIP

Is there a demand for a party that

1. uncompromisingly promotes family values supported by marriage (and this means uncompromisingly condemning Slut Single Mums)?

2. wants to leave the EU?

3. wants to lower taxes?

4. wants fewer laws?

5. wants selective education?

6. is not afraid of challenging feminism?

7. is not afraid of exercising its right to free speech without fear of favour?

8. is against the wars in Afraqbya?

9. is in favour capital punishment?

10. is in favour of corporal punishment?

11. drafts its policies that would help most the lower middle classes?

12. is in favour of abolishing child benefit for all?

13. is in favour of reintroducing fault into divorce?

14. will make it compulsory for anyone wishing to get married to sign a marriage contract?

15. will legalise brothels?

16. will repeal all anti-discrimination THOUGHTCRIME legislation?

17.  wants to resolve all political disagreements intra-party rather than inter-party?  (This means a one party state, folks!)

18.  wants to disenfranchise non-taxpayers?

19.  wants a 20% flat rate income tax?

20.  wants to abolish the welfare state while encouraging charitable giving?

21. wants to abolish civil partnerships and inheritance tax at the same time?

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