Thursday, 13 October 2011

How English Conservatives can sort out the Welsh and Scottish Socialists

It is terribly sad that the Scots and Welsh are almost invariably socialist.

The last Labour government bought them off with devolution and this actually changed the whole political landscape.

Surely there must be a significant number of suppressed Conservatives amongst the Welsh and the Scots?

Surely they not all a bunch of vicious whingeing leftist pinko Europhiliac PC Commies?

It would be terribly sad if they were all like that.

If that is what they are then the English should invade them again to save them from themselves.

There must be a huge untapped market amongst the Welsh and the Scots for good old-fashioned Conservative family values supported by marriage, I like to think.

They are probably not that happy with uncontrolled immigration either, but they hate the BNP because the BNP are undeniably an English party and the Scots and Welsh hate the English.

It would be the easiest thing to corner the market in Civic National Socialism (whose defining feature is "ein Volk (all British citizens of all races and religions and certainly Jews and Muslims as equal citizens), ein Reich, eine Partei") and Euroscepticism by forming a party called, say, the Civic National Socialist Party with English, Scots and Welsh branches.

In Wales the Party will be known as "Y party dinesyg cenedlaethol a sosialaidd".

In Scotland the Party will be known as "Am pàrtaidh cathaireach nàiseanta sòisealach".


  1. The Civic National Socialist Party of Britain (English Branch)
  2. The Civic National Socialist Party of Britain (Scottish Branch)
  3. The Civic National Socialist Party of Britain (Welsh Branch)

The Prime Minister will rotate amongst the leaders of the respective branches of Britain and by this means will the unity of the United Kingdom of Britain continue to be upheld.

Representative democracy under indiscriminate universal suffrage would be abolished and the franchise narrowed to taxpayers only under the principle of NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION, neatly disenfranchising parasitical Slut Single Mothers and their NEETs.

Brothels in England, Scotland and Wales will be legal so these people will have the chance of earning an honest living, keeping the price of sex in the UK reasonably affordable until the current generation of prostitutes die out. Sensible women will not wish to become prostitutes, I imagine, and wish to marry sensible men and have sensible legitimate offspring who will be a credit to them.

I also propose that the low-waged be relieved of the burden of paying taxes and also of the burden of voting.

The economy is to be run on the basis of medium income working married man paying no more than a flat rate tax of 20% being capable of supporting his wife and legitimate offspring on one income alone.

As for government funds and how they are to be shared, everything is to be worked out on the basis of England, Wales and Scotland paying for themselves and the extent to which they are individually bailed out by England, Scottish oil, sales of Welsh rarebit or whatever. The lawyers and accountants will have fun working this out, I bet.


Anonymous said...

Shame you're a cunt.

Claire Khaw said...

What's my sex organ got to do with Scottish nationalism?

Xx said...

What a shit piece if writing, it's not even funny #sighs

Xx said...

What a shit piece of writing, it's not even funny which is another shame #sighs