Friday, 7 October 2011

My prospectus for Dictatorship of a one-party theocracy to regenerate degenerate Britain

"Oooh! One party state! Isn't that Nazi-Fascist-Commie totalitarianism??!!!" 

Please note that I am saying NO - properly managed it will confer on MPs the rights of a Senator in Republican Rome.  All MPs would vote on policies on the basis that Peter Bone MP's House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill had been passed.

All MPs would have the following rights as enunciated in Article 4 in Chapter 1 of the Chinese Communist Party constitution.  (Currently, they do not even enjoy the right of free speech.. Ask Enoch Powell, Patrick Mercer, Allan Duncan etc.)

I propose a one-party state because the Koran warns us against dividing ourselves into sects (ie competing amoral tribal political parties) and rejoicing in our own doctrines.  30:32

I know Roman civilisation died out, and we also know why it died out, do we not?  (It died of being overwhelmed by Slut Single Mums and their bastards, of Roman citizens being on welfare (bread and circuses), and died of the failure of Christianity (the religion for ignoble slaves and cowardly and hypocritical women.)

So we just avoid its mistakes.

We avoid them by using the warning and reminder that is Koran.


Advantages for Men:

1. You can have 4 wives if you really can afford them and really want to. (White nationalists should note how quickly they can replenish their numbers if they are each allowed to have 4 wives who in turn have 4 children ... )

2. You can also have legal brothels if you just want no-strings sex with no Child Support Agency chasing after you if you knocked up some woman you wouldn't dream of marrying so stupid she let you have sex with her  for free.

3. You will have a 20% flat rate income tax.

4. You will be respected as men and considered a degree above women if you maintain them.  4:34

5. You will have the right to chastise a recalcitrant wife short of divorce.

6. If you are in favour of the death penalty, you will be pleased that the Koran permits the death penalty where it is just.  6:151

7. You can have slaves (but the corollary of that is that you may yourself be enslaved).

8.  If you are a Libertarian you would relish repealing all liberal totalitarian THOUGHTCRIME anti-discrimination legislation.  According to the Koran, "There is no compulsion in belief."  2:256  10:99 18:29

9. You will have a right to vote in referenda on controversial issues that affect you, eg whether to withdraw from the EU, whether to bail out more banks etc.

Advantages for Women:

1. Ladies, you can share the burden of a husband if he is rich enough to have more than one wife. Many hands make light work!

2. Lesbians, you will have access to women (especially if they are your husband's wives), provided no more than 4 people witness your lewd acts with each other.

3. Prostitutes will be able to work in brothels legally. 24:33

4. Prostitution can always be the trade for slut single mums and their daughters if they do not wish to better themselves. Their bastard sons can be their bouncers, accountants, lawyers etc, if they better themselves in my proposed New Model Comprehensive.

5. You will find it easier to find decent husbands to keep you staying at home as housewife and mother.  This will appeal to you because, let's face it, you're not stupid and don't really want to go to work after you have sprogged, do you, unless you and your husband can both afford to hire a nanny?

Advantages for All:

The Islamic prohibition against Usury, intended to discourage irresponsible lending and borrowing by both governments and individuals, will herald a new age in which the pound in your pocket keeps its value from generation to generation.  Imagine!  All you have to do is put your savings in the bank without having to worry about government-caused inflation to erode its value or turning yourself into a property speculator or a gambler.

Also, I would return the British currency to Pounds Shillings and Pence in order to make British children learn their time tables and to confuse the foreigner.

In this one-party theocracy, Charles will be the king of the Khavian Caliphate, and much will remain the same as before, but better governed and regulated, with a light delicate touch of a dictatrix who only nudges and gently cajoles, unlike the liberal oligarchs who bludgeon, tax, fine and imprison those who commit thoughtcrime and speech crime.

There will no thoughtcrime legislation in the Khavian Cailphate, for there is no compulsion in belief.

Only I am capable of interpreting the Koran to the satisfaction of most people, because only I understand the British better than they themselves do.  I also have a working knowledge of the English legal system.

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