Monday, 14 November 2011

Why Ethno Nationalism is a Busted Flush

  1. Ethno natonalism is promoted by the BNP who are the most hated party amongst white people in Britain.
  2. The BNP are more hated by white people than by non-whites.
  3. White people hate the BNP because they think the BNP brings their race into disgrace.
  4. The BNP brings the white race into disgrace because the BNP are mostly members of the lower classes, and no one with ambition, a  job and a family wants to be associated with lower class white people who cannot compete with foreigners who are always fighting each other and who hate their leader.
  5. The incumbent leader is hated by nationalist activists because he has not brought success to the movement.
  6. The incumbent leader is hated by nationalist activists because he is widely known to be unprincipled as well as ruthless in suppressing his critics and potential challengers.
  7. The incumbent leader is suspected of keeping the party small and talentless so he can easily dominate and control the party as if it were his own personal fiefdom and treat the activists like vassals and serfs.
  8. There is a perception that anyone who joins the BNP and who then gets expelled should consider himself or herself a failure of failures, because UKIP will not accept ex-BNP members and there is really no point joining a Eurosceptic party even more useless than the BNP.  
  9. Because the BNP now have 2 MEPs, and the 2 MEPs owe their votes to members in the EU region of the North West (represented by Liverpool known for its decline and degeneracy) and the EU region of Yorkshire & Humber (represented by Scunthorpe also known for its decline and degeneracy) who collectively threw a tantrum over my remarks about the disabled, illegitimate and degenerate, I have been suspended, expelled and now proscribed to appease them.  This is of course a complete PR disaster, for it will be said by the party's critics that the unwillingness of the leadership to defend Free Speech and its willingness to appease the wrong-headed, illegitimate, disabled and degenerate members precisely demonstrates that the leadership is devoid of courage, honour and principle and replete with cowardice, hypocrisy and cant as well as illegitimacy, disability and degeneracy.
  10. A party dominated by the illegitimate, disabled and degenerate is not likely to gain the affection, trust and confidence of any electorate however illegitimate, disabled and degenerate it itself already is.  This is because even the illegitimate, disabled and degenerate who wish to improve their lot would instinctively know that they need someone better than themselves to improve their lot, in the same way that a "sane lunatic" would not trust another lunatic to be in charge of his affairs or promote his interests.   
  11. By always expelling any activist who shows signs of independent thought and talent, the party remains poor in talent, low in status as well as despised and feared by the voting public.   
  12. By ditching their previously stated policy of promoting family values supported by marriage and by pandering to and appeasing women who make bad reproductive choices ie their female members with illegitimate and disabled offspring, the BNP has in effect sold its racial soul to the devil.   Even if there were no other races in the country for white people to avoid miscegenation with, the first requirement of racial health and hygiene is to prevent or at least discourage the most promiscuous and unproductive females of your race from having illegitimate and disabled offspring with the most depraved and unproductive men of your race, while the taxpayer picks up the tab.   By refusing to condemn Slut Single Mums, the BNP have shown that white men lack the courage and the intellectual honesty to address the problem of civilisational and racial decline at its root - sexual selection.  The BNP are clearly too afraid of proposing that that Sacred Cow of the Liberals - which goes by the name of Free Love, Sexual Liberation, Feminism  - be slain.  It is well known that females of animal kingdom choose males with attractive qualities to father their offspring as they understandably wish to pass on to their offspring the desirable qualities of size and strength their father had.   Pointing out to white women that it is not a good idea to have a baby with a man you would  never consider marrying only arouses blank incomprehension followed by anger.  (If he does not want to marry you, you are not worthy.  If you do not want to marry him, he is not worthy.)
  13. Because the BNP have now virtually declared that they are afraid of  Slut Single Mums for they fear to alienate the female vote, just like the LibLabCon, it can be seen that they are no longer fit for the purpose of promoting the interests of the White Race.  This means that Civic Nationalism would be the only way of drawing a line under the failures of Ethno-nationalism.   To most convincingly show that you have dumped Ethno-nationalism ie racism, a non-white white nationalist could be given the job - on a one year probation - of leading the nationalist movement under the old BNP constitution mutatis mutandis that would bring back the noble nationalist tradition of annual leadership elections.   Whatever you think of John Tyndall's views on race, he was at least an honourable man.   

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