Monday, 28 November 2011

Why I predict the BNP website will not pick up the racist woman ranting on train story

They would be too embarrassed.

They wouldn't dream of defending the free speech of this woman, because they don't understand the principle of free speech in the first place, and her right to say these things without being arrested, however offensive.  Anyway, they are embarrassed to be associated with the likes of her, even if she does speak for them.

"While I disagree profoundly with what you say, I would defend to the death your right to say it," is the principle we are talking about, I probably have to remind people, and I do not think the woman should be arrested for causing embarrassment to herself, the little boy accompanying her and to white people in general by her behaviour on a crowded train.

The more degenerate you are, the harder you find it to understand such abstract concepts as principle, much less follow it,  The white working classes consisting of mostly sluts and bastards are these days so useless and unemployable that successive governments conspire to bring in immigrant labour to replace them, rather than repair their education or their morals, or bother to tell them where they have gone wrong with their lives with sufficient candour or enact laws to induce a change in their behaviour.

The government is liberal, you see, and liberals never tell anyone off, except racists and those whom they identify as fascist and Nazi and extremist.  Why, that would be illiberal and judgemental and uncompassionate and so uncool!

Liberal parenting is all about abdicating responsibility and being the equal of your offspring when they are in need of your moral guidance, and so is liberal government an exercise in the abdication of responsibility.

You see, the white working classes are no longer fit for purpose because the liberal oligarchy is not fit for purpose.  When the people discover that in loud ringing terms very soon, they will become very very angry indeed.

The liberals really have no idea what they are doing or even why they are doing it.  They only do what they do because they know no better and don't want to admit they are wrong and have been wrong for a long long time.

Indeed, these days even the BNP - the party that is supposed to care about the racial health and hygiene of the white race - have been infected by the worst characteristics of liberalism and are now behaving in the cowardly and hypocritical liberal way to seek office, and this means avoiding giving offence to the sluts and bastards that their party is stuffed to the rafters with.

And that is why the British are doomed.   The white man cannot, do not and should not trust each other.  Even a female and a foreigner would treat white people more honourably than the way the men in the BNP treat each other, trapped as it is in a vicious cycle of ever lowering standards of education and morality and ever more dismaying manifestations of degeneracy, disability, illegitimacy and tolerance of female promiscuity.


Anonymous said...

I could list all the reasons why you and your views are just plain wrong and ridiculous, but at the end of the day there's no getting through to people like this. So, in the hope that one day we will live in a world where people like this will be such a minority that they're completely ignored by the majority, if anyone's considering commenting on this, I ask you not to. Not because you don't deserve the freedom of speech to say what you think, but because if people who have these extremist views are ignored, rather than encouraged by engaging with their arguments, maybe they'll realise no one's interested in what they have to say, and stop saying it.

Claire Khaw said...

Oh go on, list just one reason why my view is wrong and ridiculous.