Friday, 2 December 2011

The "Anders Breivik - Mad or Logical?" discussion group has been deleted by Facebook

Yes, I did say he was logical and therefore a terrorist, because a terrorist is indifferent to what  the US military call collateral damage (the killing of innocent civilians) in pursuit of his objectives.  Arguably, the victims were not so innocent in that they were members of a party which promoted immigration

So what is the problem then?  

The Liberal Fascists should be careful about their blanket policy of suppressing all discussion about anything contentious, for it is in their interests too that these things are discussed intelligently and rationally.  

The reason why Breivik did what he did was because he did not think he could in fact change things peacefully using the political process because the vote was always being gerrymandered by letting in more immigrants and giving them voting rights.   I would have thought his rampage of murderous violence would have served as sufficient warning to them to ease off with their totalitarian censorship, but apparently not.  

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