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Being rude about foreigners in Britain will end you up in prison for a month if you are white

David Ewings, an eloquent man whose arguments were ignored by  magistrates who were possibly "got at"

Carlos Cortiglia, BNP London Mayoral Candidate addressing the  media

David Ewings discussing the finer points of law, probably, with  one of the supporters of Emma West
Steve Squire, BNP Regional Organiser, recording the speech of Carlos Cortiglia
Outside Croydon Magistrates Court just before 10 am

Carlos Cortiglia the 2012 BNP London Mayoral Candidate being interviewed

S 4 of the Bail Act 1976 states:

4 General right to bail of accused persons and others.
(1)A person to whom this section applies shall be granted bail except as provided in Schedule 1 to this Act.
 which states:

Exceptions to right to bail
2 The defendant need not be granted bail if the court is satisfied that there are substantial grounds for believing that the defendant, if released on bail (whether subject to conditions or not) would—
(a) fail to surrender to custody, or
(b) commit an offence while on bail, or
(c) interfere with witnesses or otherwise obstruct the course of justice, whether in relation to himself or any other person.
The defendant need not be granted bail if—
(a) the offence is an indictable offence or an offence triable either way; and
(b) it appears to the court that he was on bail in criminal proceedings on the date of the offence.]
3  The defendant need not be granted bail if the court is satisfied that the defendant should be kept in custody for his own protection or, if he is a child or young person, for his own welfare. 

It appears that Emma West and her partner have at some stage told the police that they received death threats.

At the hearing on 6 December however, she was saying that neither she nor her partner has received any death threats, either by landline or mobile.  the house was not attacked.  There have been no bricks through their window.  "Her family have received nothing but support".  (At this point there was applause from the gallery and a threat of removal from the magistrate if the noise continued.)

The messages that have been posted on social media have been of "support rather than anything else."

If the Prosecutrix (black and female but not particularly audible, eloquent or ready with her evidence) really felt that concerned about the defendant's safety, Emma West's uncle was perfectly prepared to put her up at an address that had not yet been posted all over Facebook and Twitter.

The Prosecutrix then mentioned Emma West's history of self-harming. Her barrister pointed out that she would actually be missing an appointment on Thursday with her own psychiatrist, which would be far far better than some prison psychiatrist who will only see her once a week.  Also, it would be good for her mental health to be in the bosom of her friends and family (there were about 7 of them in court) rather than being in prison over Christmas where there may be prisoners who may wish to harm her and victimise her.  (We of course all know that blacks are more highly represented in prison than whites because the media are always telling us that.)

Just like when Jeremy Clarkson said trade unionists should be shot front of their families, those who tweeted that she should be shot, knifed, raped etc.  It was just the vernacular use of "she should be shot".   If what they said had posed a serious threat, why hadn't the police arrested those whom it is alleged made those death threats, he asked.   It was a mere "linguistic turn of phrase".

The Prosecutrix then stood up, took what seemed like ages to find the document, and dully repeated what she had already said: "Her partner said they had received numerous death threats."

This black female prosecutor was apparently assisted and supported by a tall black man in a suit.  Sitting together on the prosecution side, I thought it looked particularly sinister.

The magistrates when they returned to give their decision about granting bail, looked distinctly uncomfortable. Frank Day of the EDL remarked on their body language.  The female magistrate looked grim, the Chief Magistrate Ian McNeal (a Scotsman) held both his hands over his mouth and so did the male magistrate on his right while they waited for Emma West to be return to the dock.   It even seemed as if they had been "got at".  He began by saying that the Crown's assertions and insistence that  Emma West must be incarcerated over Xmas must be "taken at its highest".

I was just surprised to learn that that if one would rather take one's chances out of prison than be in prison over Christmas "for one's own safety", one would be prevented from doing so.

But perhaps the government is just sending us a message.  Dare to complain about immigration loudly in a public place, and you will have your children taken off you by Social Services and be thrown in prison over Christmas, for about a month.  Should she die in custody after being beaten up by black prisoners who might gang up on her then the message would be even more terrifying.

I would have thought the government would wish to calm rather than exacerbate racial tensions.  Whoever thought it was in the public interest to prosecute this woman over such a de minimis offence must be either malicious or mad or certainly partisan.

Surely any reasonable Director of Public Prosecution could see it from 10 miles off that prosecuting this woman would be the opposite of being in the public interest?

Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions - a self-confessed Blair and Labour supporter - would have a job trying to convince the public that this prosecution was not malicious and intended to cow anyone thinking of protesting against immigration loudly in a public place into silence, even as some black spat on the tram you are on near your feet and called you white trash when you dared to object.   This was what apparently enraged Emma West so much that she launched into her tirade.

Self-confessed Labour supporter Keir Starmer - the Director of Public  Prosecutions, who is ultimately responsible for the unnecessary prosecution of Emma West, very likely to stir up racial hatred 

It was not a good day for Emma West, despite the valiant eloquence of her barrister, but she could have done worse for her race and just pleaded guilty to make the whole thing go away, in order to be with her family over Xmas, and that would have been dismaying and disgraceful.

I therefore wonder if she would have opted for trial by Crown Court if she had known the outcome of the hearing.  Let us hope for her sake and her race that she is the sort of woman who would do the same thing all over again.

I hope she keeps a diary the better to sell her story with.

Unwittingly and unwillingly, Emma West has been adopted as a representative of the marginalised white working classes whom Labour have betrayed for so many generations, and whom they now loathe and fear.

As Tacitus said:

"It is a weakness of your human nature to hate those whom you have wronged". has a courageous and principled defence of free speech by Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance.


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