Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Khaw Consultancy - advisory service to prevent the exploitation of party members and activists by their parties

I am thinking of starting a consultancy that advises politicians and activists who feel they are getting a bad deal from their party.

For the more plebeian political activist, they should think of me in terms of being their shop steward.

Mainstream or fringe, "Left" or "Right", gay or straight, atheist or monotheist - the Khaw Consultancy is an equal opportunities advisory service.

Any self-respecting MP would of course support Peter Bone MP's House of Commons Disqualification Bill.

If you actually dare not, you should as yourself WHY.  

If that Bill ever became law, what would happen is that the powers that be would ask for a one-party state in return, but it would be no bad thing as long as your rights are protected from the leader and his cronies, and this could be done by defining the rights of a party member in the party constitution and having a supra-party body to see that no one in the party abuses his powers.

It is really is that simple, but I would be very happy to answer any questions.

This is another Simple, Radical, Rational and Revolutionary Idea by Claire Khaw.

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