Monday, 30 January 2012

No honour amongst thieves. Hester should get his bonus, not be bounced into paying it back cos Tory cunts are cowards

The fact is that Britain is now turning into a cunting Commie shithole even under a Conservative Prime Minister because Cameron - an Etonian shit with no moral compass - has no principles and will not stand up for even the class of people who bankroll him.

Perhaps it will become increasingly obvious that Cameron is nothing more than a Commie Pinko even to the stupid slut and bastard British who hate facing facts.

Cameron now apparently expects clever people to look like fools and losers and take it on the chin when the Tory Party is intimidated by Labour rumblings of class hatred.  I would fucking resign if I were Hester and tell Cameron to find someone better, if he can.

I think even the fat cat class of people who bankroll the Tory Party deserve better than that, and maybe should stop sending their sons to Eton if it keeps turning out shits like Cameron.   

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