Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Can you blame Chinese restaurants for not wanting to hire English waiters?

When I go to a Chinese restaurant I expect the waiters and cook to be Chinese. Ditto Indian, Thai etc restaurants. How would you feel about the quality of the food if you knew that the cook is English in a Chinese restaurant? Would you go instead to a Chinese restaurant with a Chinese cook? If you went to a restaurant run by Martians serving Martian food, would you not PREFER to be served by Martian waiters with their 3 heads and 6 arms? I know I would.

The Chinese are being so intransigent about not paying the fine because they cannot quite believe that they do not have the right to hire and fire waiters as an employer would wish. They must have resolved never eto hire an English waiter ever again, and to warn all other Chinese restaurants never to hire any of the white locals if they don't want to end up in the Employment Tribunal and forced to pay a fine to some jumped up honky with a sense of entitlement who grew up in a Culture of Complaint.

Is this good for the employment prospects of white locals?

I bet the idiot English won't know the right answer.

Is this why no one wants to hire low-skilled white labour including white people with businesses to run?

You probably won't find the BNP saying much about this because they are secretly pleased the Chinese got their come-uppance.  They probably can't see anything wrong in a law that favours the white employee against the non-white employer, while disapproving of  a law that favours non-white employees against white employers.  They would see these laws as "looking after their own kind", perhaps.

Principles of fairness, justice and consistency would be beyond their ken.

On the other hand, I, being a libertarian, understand the principle of freedom of contract, and the importance of making it easier for businesses to hire and fire staff.

The English Democrats have no view of this, because they do not wish to court controversy.

Could it be said that the English are a bunch of spineless fools and knaves devoid of backbone and principle, as well as whingers, sneaks and tattletales?


bill said...

Does this mean we shouldn't hire Mexicans at McDonalds? Only blacks at Kfc? Well, let's just change all the civil rights and not let women in the restaurants at all like it used to be.

Claire Khaw said...

All I am proposing is freedom of contract, ie that employers can hire whom they like for any reason at all, and sack them according to the terms of their employment contract.