Monday, 20 February 2012

Rabbi says Islam is the religion of the future


Christianity began disappearing since Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto.

Where Christian fundamentalism is practised, Christianity will die, for it cannot withstand social revolutions.

Christianity began to decline in the 19th century and by the 20th century stopped being the leading religion of the world. Its decline mirrors Western decline.  When the great cease to be good they also cease to be great.

Christianity could neither lead nor drive the people of the West, did nothing to safeguard the morals of the people and embraced the moral relativism of liberalism without putting up a fight.

Where are the Christian parties of Israel?  The Trinity - which the Koran denies - is only the  totalitarian belief system of a dead people and a dead civlisation!

Islam on the other hand has been built on foundations strong enough to withstand any social change.

Islam was constructed in a different way. Christianity rests on a precarious Trinitarian tripod, while Islam is supported by its Five Pillars.

There is much dispute amongst Christians about its Doctrine of the Trinity as well as its origins, while Islam is very clear: God revealed his word to Muhammad who in turn revealed it to mankind in the form of the Koran. Through government based on this divine scripture, society was transformed.

It is clear from the construction of the Koran that its message was intended to survive difficult situations.

Liberal democracy just means atheism and liberal democracy is corrupting the world.

Nothing now remains of Christianity except its buildings.

Nothing now remains of Judaism since it has fallen under the shadow of Zionism.

There is therefore no other religion left in the world but Islam.

Muslims are more in touch with their Creator than Christians. Consider and compare the Muslim who prays 5 times a day with a Christian who considers himself observant just for going to Church every Sunday.

Israel is the origin of evil. 70 years after the elimination of Israel, the world will become Muslim because Islam safeguards the morals of mankind.

The Sunnis and Shias have their differences but they owe a duty to the world to end their differences.

When Israel goes, Islam will take its place.

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