Monday, 26 March 2012

David Irving talk on 25 February 2012

The once fighting fit far-right writer David Irving was a shadow of his former self when he hobbled into view last month at a meeting to promote his new book on Himmler, the mass murdering head of Hitler’s SS.  is where you can go to get David's books.  I am afraid the only reason why I have not bought any of his books is that they are so terribly long and I fear they will end up being one of those books that gather dust unread on my shelves.

Instead I got this at but cannot play it on my DVD.  I informed him of this by on 26 February.  He said he would see to it that it was replaced or the money refunded, but I have not heard from him since.

It was yet another engaging talk by David Irving, this time on how Churchill tricked the Americans into participating in WW2.

The previous  one I attended several years ago concerned the Holocaust of Dresden when in the space of  two days 100,000 Germans non-combatant civilians died and corpses were piled high one on top of the other.  This is of course the Holocaust denied by the British.

He looked very well, and was energetic, witty, lucid and entertaining.

David Irving and me at the Swan after his talk

He looked very much the same as the last time I saw him (2 or 3 years ago if I remember right) and has not noticeably aged.  As far as I am concerned, he looked fine for a man of 73.

To suggest that he was limping or had a gammy leg that day is simply untrue.   Why are the Left so consistently dishonest and malicious?  If the Right are so wrong, why do the Left not use the force of rational argument to dismiss our ideas?

It was also his 74th birthday on the 24th, so happy belated birthday, David.  Thank you for choosing to be a historian who wishes to tell the truth, as he sees it, even though the heavens fall in and the liberals rend their garments, tear their hair and gnash their teeth .....

It was not hard to miss Peter Rushton from the England First Party and his bosom friend Lady Michèle Renouf. Also prominent were the IONA London Forum chief honcho Jez Bedford-Turner and the Dragon Lady, as Claire Khaw is referred to by a fair number of fascist and racist followers, sometimes as a mark of respect, but otherwise as a derogatory term, coupled with racist abuse, by those who walk out of the room when she enters. Their objection is her non-white ethnicity not her views, such as this on her blog yesterday: “I am quite happy to announce that I would abolish infanticide as a crime. This means I would make it legal for parents to dispose of their own babies up to the age of 12 months.”

I didn't notice anyone walking out of the room when I arrived at the Swan 20 minutes late for the talk though.  Even if they had wanted to they would have been constrained by the fact that

  1. it was a very crowded room
  2. they were all seated
  3. David Irving had begun the talk they had come and paid good money to hear

So yet another factual inaccuracy by the despicable and dishonest Left who care nothing for the truth, remain incapable of rational argument but only wish to demonise their enemies with smears and lies.

Actually, Peter Rushton very kindly bought me a drink during the interval and told me he had been interviewed by Russia Today on Syria that day.  You can see that at

He has done another at since then.

I also bumped into Lady Renouf who was a little cross with me for misunderstanding her talk on Birobidjan as a Jewish homeland I blogged about at  I asked in what regard and she asked me to look at  I am none the wiser, sadly, and invite her to comment on the blog and correct me in any regard on what I have misunderstood.

During question and answers, I again asked the same question I asked last time of David Irving:

Is the existence of the Madagascar Plan evidence that the Nazis intended to expel rather than exterminate the Jews?  

He again agreed with me, but never seems to get my point that the way to make this point is to ask the question and to somehow incorporate this question into the title of one of his books.

A title that might make this point quite well:

"The Madagascar Plan: Intention, Expulsion and Extermination"

If the Allies had not declared war on Germany, the Jews would only have been expelled in another one of the pogroms periodically conducted on Jews in Christian Europe.  

Anyone who has seen Fiddler on the Roof will know what I mean.   The English were not the last to do this sort of thing as the Nazis have shown.  

Because the Allies declared war on Germany,  Jews were exterminated.  

At any rate more Jews were harmed and killed  by the Nazis because of WW2.

Why does no historian at all dare ask this question?

It is so much easier to justify and excuse all sorts of terrible injustices when you are at war, after all.

Indeed, I even tried to make this point to Jeffrey Marshall after the talk, but he suggested that it was not my place to tell my elders and betters who clearly knew much more history than me how to suck eggs.   "It is all about presentation", I cried, in frustration.  "Why doesn't anyone get it?"  To which the infuriating and pompous response I received was, "Oh, but he is a historian, while you are a propagandist."   


Anonymous said...

You are a delusional halfwitted twat Ann.quite insane as far as a am able to make out between your Holocaust denieing fantasies.

Anonymous said...

More like the voice of dribbling insanity if you ask me.

Claire Khaw said...

I have not denied the Holocaust.

Claire Khaw said...

What have I said that suggests "dribbling insanity"?