Monday, 26 March 2012

David Jones of Todmorden - Borough Councillor on 3 May 2012?

David Jones of the British People's Party and Joseph Stalin at the Tate Britain

David Jones at Parliament Square

David Jones endorsing the anti-war message of the late Brian Haw

Have you noticed how peaceable nationalists are compared to successive warmongering governments of our liberal establishment?

Nationalists and Muslims against liberal wars!

David Jones looking upon the Houses of Parliament from Parliament Square

David Jones without shades at Buckingham Palace

David Jones with shades at Buckingham Palace

Outside the pub

At The Victoria at Victoria

A typical tourist's photo

Ethno-Nationalist and Civic Nationalist shaking hands has the rather sceptical reaction of Hate Not Hope to our proposal to improve race relations.   We shall prove them wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I see Dave Jones has contracted yellow fever ;) will you two be going to the Slayer gig at Ally Palace for your second date?