Monday, 12 March 2012


I propose that the next three years we work to the following blueprint. We need unity around a "United Election Strategy" of ACTION! This is a rough draft and not set in stone but sets out my basic ideas...

2012: A Test of Mettle for Local Activists

It takes a brave soul to go out into the district elections and risk certain defeat, and an even more determined one should to do well. We must therefore encourage ALL nationalists to stand in wards and Boroughs across England, (North & South). This will give us a chance to profile who is serious and who is not. Independents and 'free lancers' represented must be represented too in this strategy too.

2013: Refined Campaigning for County Councils

All Nationalist parties (and independents) must prepare for the Country Council elections and be prepared to participate, volunteers and canvass for selected seats treating it as a 'mini-version' of a general elation. By this time parties should be holding joint-meetings and pan-nationalist meetings. We must also work to knock the heads of un-cooperative groups who promote petty factionalism and get too big headed. The outcome of these County Council elections should be preparation for General Elections in two years time and some natural leaders in the field. There will be no Borough Council elections that year so we can concentrate on selected campaigns and "Unity Meetings".

2014: The BNP Collapse, Surviving the Catastrophe as One Unit

As well as going back to our District and Wards (as in 2012) wiser by our experience we have the EU Elections where the BNP will almost definitely lose their two European Union seats. I believe that the result will be that by this time its base will have been largely gobbled up by the UKIP or dropped out of nationalism altogether. It could be a good opportunity to agree spheres of influence. (For example Liverpool BPP, Blackburn England First co-operate with Northwest NF Euro candidates etc, Doncaster EFP and Bradford Democratic Nationalists support a BPP Euro Candidate etc...) Anybody unwilling to do this will be frozen out of the strategy and relegated to the VNN forum.

2015 - The Axis Eclipses the BNP and Floods the Town Halls

The BNP will no doubt be outnumbered by rival party candidates who by this time ought to be working together. Our 2013 County Council Candidates can fight their relevant General Election seats, and complement a mass flooding of Town Hall Ballot papers in the Parish, Town and District Elections, the elected Councillors form an 'Association of Nationalist Councillors' and take the lead in promoting 'Nationalist Unity' from a voice of Authority...

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