Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nick Griffin and his defenders flout the BNP Code of Conduct


1 All persons occupying any positions of authority within our Party and thereby authorised to issue directives to the Members for the performance of tasks for our Party are expected to communicate such directives with courtesy and dignity, mindful of the fact that our Party is an organisation, not of conscripts, but of volunteers who for the most part give their services unpaid and are able to leave our Party at any time they wish.

2 All Members when engaged in party tasks are expected to act in accordance with whatever directives may be issued to them by the senior party official present, providing that such directives are reasonable, lawful and in compliance with the Constitution of our Party.

3 All Individual Members when present on party activities and functions are expected to be of clean and tidy appearance.

4 All Members are expected at all times to conduct themselves in a manner that will bring credit upon our Party and to refrain from any acts, whether from a party political or private motive and whether political or private in nature, which are likely to bring our Party into disrepute.

Be polite, look tidy and behave in a respectable way, says the BNP Code of Conduct.

I would suggest that the Chairman has rather broken Rule 4 by exposing his cock to an ex-model who was driving him from the scene of his road traffic accident, in the hope of receiving a sex act, even if he had paid for her curry lunch.

It is disturbing and disconcerting that he has not seen fit to deny this.

It is disturbing and disconcerting that all who were defending him all assumed that he had indeed exposed himself, but did not think he had brought the party into disrepute, because they would all have done the same, presumably.

It would appear that Nick Griffin and all who defended him on the terms outlined above should be suspended, disciplined and expelled for bringing the party into disrepute for shrugging their shoulders and openly endorsing the Wildean view that the only way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it.  Oscar Wilde is hardly a nationalist figure to be emulated, and we know what happened to him in the end.  

He ended up in jail for gross indecency.  Can you imagine the Chairman in jail for such an offence?   Is it not grossly indecent to expose yourself to your female driver?

However it should be noted that

7.15 No Leadership Election shall be held during the imprisonment of the Chairman in our British Homeland" as if in anticipation of such an event.   

If  BNP activists  even followed their constitution (or could read it) they would find themselves morally obliged to hold a leadership election.   Yes, dear reader, I do know how far-fetched this sounds.

Here is the CODE OF CONDUCT FOR VIRTUAL BNP as drafted by me:

Code of  Conduct for Virtual BNP

1.  Members should treat each other in a comradely manner.  This means being civil to each other and giving each other the benefit of the doubt unless there are glaringly obvious reasons to doubt the motives and character of a member.

2.  Nothing should be forbidden that is not against the law to express.

3.  Where the views of the member diverge from what is legal and what is party policy, these views are the member's alone.

4.  There is no requirement for every member to agree with every detail of every policy of the party as long as they have enough in common with the rest of the membership to feel some common cause.

5.  Since there is inevitably someone who will passionately disagree with any political view we express, members are required to observe the rules of civility, and agree to disagree when neither party is disposed to let the other win the argument.

6.  The BNP is already regarded as a disreputable party by the liberal establishment and the liberal media.  It is therefore important that the BNP is seen to uphold the rights of free speech even more vigorously than the liberal establishment and support members who make statements that are arguably rational, legal and moral, however offensive it may be to groups privileged by liberal legislation, eg the Equality Act etc, which the Party has in any case pledged to repeal in its manifesto.

6.  Members should always bear in mind that they will be regarded as representatives of the party, whether they like it or not.  They should also bear in mind that journalists who are members of the National Union of Journalists are obliged by their membership to give the BNP unfavourable coverage. this light, members are asked to take extra care in their words and deeds if they do not wish to give the liberal media the ammunition they seek in portraying the party as evil, fascist, racist and Nazi.

7.  Those who make controversial statements should either be prepared to defend them under hostile questioning, using arguments supported by reason and morality, or withdraw them. 

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