Monday, 26 March 2012

SKINS for scummy slummy shitty pissy British teens

Degenerate drug-taking drug-dealing sexually promiscuous teens now role models for  the YOOF  of Britain, courtesy of Channel 4.  Why are they doing this?  Cos they is liberals at C4 and all British media are liberal and liberals like doing this sort of SHIT and rubbing our faces in their shit, just cos they can.   And don't you forget it.

How about this for aversion therapy?

Just get ugly old fat bald people with bad skin and bad teeth doing and saying exactly the same sort of SHIT these teen fuckers do.  Then maybe you too will start gagging and wanting to puke at this fine example of British degeneracy and depravity.

Bring on the revolution.  Bring on the fucking Islamic revolution to wash away this SHIT.

I only watched this because I read

Dakota Blue Richards (What kind of stupid shit name is that?  Is she trying to pull the same trick as River Phoenix?  Maybe she should call herself River Thames or Green Avon Lady to give herself more of an English flavour, instead of blindly aping stupid Hollywood shit.  River Wye Oh Wye Oh Wye is also a pretty good name) was in the Evening Standard reclining suggestively with a come fuck me look in her eyes.  Nice fucking mum of hers to sell her little girl into teen porn and then divorce her husband.  What did she say to her husband?  "I've got our lovely daughter working as a teen porn star, so you can fuck off now"?  Maybe they had a disagreement about the sex scenes their daughter had to play?  Maybe dad didn't want daughter to be a teen slut porn star but mum did, and he was given his marching orders for daring to voice his opinion concerning the flesh of his flesh performing squalid sex acts on TV, probably.  was the episode I watched.

Let us examine the character of Franky.  You let your daughter behave like that and she will soon be dead meat as well as raped meat.  I didn't know who that lorry driver who kept picking her up was.  Would you encourage your daughter to go hitch-hiking and accept lifts from lorry drivers?

Not if you loved her, but maybe you want to fuck off out of the house cos she is just getting in the way, cramping your style and costing you money?   Then make her watch SKINS and tell her to accept lifts from lorry drivers.   Joan Rivers once joked about her mother who hated her so much when she was a child that she told her to accept sweets from strangers, so there you go.

If you HATE your teen daughter, well, you know what to do now.   "Would you like the box set for SKINS for your birthday, darling?"

"You know that to be a success in life you just do all the sexy nasty things they all do and you'll be all right, my girl!  Get yourself a drug habit and knocked up, for good measure."

If you have a look at  you will see that the programme makers are cashing in on this orgy of teen sluttery and depravity and hired people to pretend to be these characters.  Whom do you think will wish to follow these characters on Facebook and Twitter?  Adults with jobs, or teens?

Oh, but teens are warned that they cannot watch it unless they are 18 (because of "adult content and strong language, you must be 18 to proceed"), and we know how biddable and law-abiding teens are in Britain, don't we?

Just think, all these schoolchildren teens doing their GCSEs and A levels turned on to SKINS when they are not shooting, knifing, fucking and knocking up each other after doing their homework and studying for their exams.   How long have they been watching it?  Oh, as soon as they started secondary school, probably.

What does SKINS mean?  Foreskins of the penises teen sluts suck?  Rizlas they use for rolling joints?  I am just too old and out of it to know, these days.

"the character of Franky Fitzgerald — an androgynous, super-intelligent wild-child who has a cult following on Twitter"

The use of the word "androgynous" means there is lots of girl-on-girl action, boys and girls!

Nice, nice, nice.   But that's what mums are in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland these days.   Nowadays, Dakota Blue Richards and her mum are considered respectable, nice and normal, and don't you forget it.

O tempora!  O mores!

PS tells you about the kind of people who write for SKINS and states clearly that its target audience, ie TEENS, are pretty much the only people watching it.   Adults who like a lot of sexual content in their TV viewing tend to watch slightly more intelligent, realistic and explicit stuff like THE SOPRANOS, or maybe COUGAR TOWN if you are female.  

Why is Channel 4 so bent on corrupting the morals of our youth?   But I don't think they will engage on this one, somehow.  While they know the definition of what is a "youth" or "teen", I rather doubt any of them have any idea about morality beyond the usual PC shit about not saying things that could be found offensive by women, other races, the disabled, the wrongly aged and LGBTs.

If an Islamic revolution is what it takes to cleanse so many decades and layers of encrusted stinking liberal SHIT, then bring it on.


Anonymous said...

I just wondered if you are ok? As you appear to be having some kind of breakdown - I'm sure if you read back what you've written - or maybe show a friend - that you will see it's not actually ok, or normal, or in fact legal, to attack a child in this way. Please do talk to someone about your anger, sooner rather than later. And don't worry, there are people out there who can help you.

Claire Khaw said...

What law is it that forbids me from "attacking a child"?

Is Dakota Blue Richards a "child"?

Is an 18 year old a "child"?

I am not having a breakdown, but commenting on the kind of SHIT British teenagers are force-fed with.

Wanna call the cops on me for daring to criticise a teen slut and the mother of an actress playing a teen slut cos it is now illegal to criticise teen sluts?

I don't think they have passed a law yet. But even if they have I would be happy to go to prison to make a point.


Anonymous said...

oh dear - you really are unwell aren't you? possible abuse as a child yourself? something horrible anyway to make you so cross. I know it must be difficult when you feel like everyone hates you, but they don't. However hard you try. And the actor in question is 17.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I find myself with time to spare to surf the net this evening and it didn't take me long to find a picture of your sad and angry face, along with some information about your background. At least I now partly understand why you are so angry with life and single mothers in particular. But as I said, don't worry, you can train yourself to smile and then you won't feel quite so ugly, people will smile back and you may even find that you don't need to hate yourself so much, and you can learn to forgive those who have abused you in the past. I hope it works out for you.

Claire Khaw said...

It says in the Evening Standard report I linked you to in the post:

"The sixth series ends tonight and 18-year-old Richards has been playing the character of Franky Fitzgerald — an androgynous, super-intelligent wild-child who has a cult following on Twitter."

I suppose she was only 17 at the time of filming and now she is 18, which rather makes it worse.

Claire Khaw said...

I do wish I would have a different kind of abuse to the usual, ie "you were abused as a child", "you are not getting enough sex", "you are a nymphomaniacal slag".

I was actually hoping for something like, "But SKINS has deep and genuine moral content which you have missed. Firstly, blah blah blah. Secondly, blah blah etc"

I have been fighting men off me recently, as a matter of fact. I just don't know what it is since I am sure I am not getting any thinner, younger or prettier!

Thank you for all for taking the trouble to let me know what you think of me. x x x