Saturday, 3 March 2012

Virtual BNP

How about this as an idea: using current BNP constitution, those who wish to participate in this exercise would sign up as participants.

All are welcome.

The object of the game is to change the leader and constitution for the better within the parameters of the current constitution.

It is hoped that such a shadow or parallel party would end up being more attractive to BNP activists and the voting public than the one being led by Nick Griffin.

All exchanges between participants, decisions and appointments made will be on record to show greater fairness and transparency than is currently the case in the party, because it is intended to be more attractive to activists, giving them better working conditions and opportunities for advancement.

The party currently being led by Nick Griffin is infamous for its policy of removing anyone of talent as soon as they appear to be leadership material, because it would appear that Nick Griffin intends to use the party as a means of creating a nationalist dynasty that is only open to his descendants, rather than on the basis of merit.

Many nationalists have made great sacrifices - financial and personal - for the cause only to find themselves expelled and hung out to dry and not being given the support they need when they go out on a limb for the party, because the leader perceives them to be a threat if they are too successful, and wants them out of his party and out of his way.

It has been said that Nick Griffin's strategy for clinging on to power is to keep the party bereft of members with any talent, education or profession, and instead surround himself only with uneducated yes-men, so that he can appear to be effortlessly superior compared to them, and never have anyone in the party that could be perceived as an alternative leader.

It has been said he would rather keep the party small, weak and divided if that is his only way of clinging to power.

It has been clear that over the years, Nick Griffin did not make the necessary changes to the party, because he refused to take the bull by the horns over admitting non-white members (which the EHRC compelled him to do anyway) or by recruiting more educated and professional nationalists.

Nick Griffin shrunk from emphasising the family values aspect of nationalism because most of the core supporters of the party were singly-parented and singly-parenting, and he feared to offend them.

Nick Griffin shrunk from discussing the eugenic nature of marriage, and the anti-eugenic nature of feminism - he, a leader of the party who is supposedly promoting the racial heath and hygiene of the British nation!

The fact that most of the BNP's core supporters are singly-parented or singly-parenting does not however give nationalism a good name, and we know what snobs the British voter are.   They would sooner entrust their future to a foreign power or Muslims or Jews than entrust it to a party that represents the great unwashed who cannot compete with foreigners in the field of unskilled manual labour.

There will also be an alternative manifesto, which should be of interest to the voter.

I would be leader because it is my idea, and it is my intention to demonstrate the possibility of and capacity change, and change for the better too.

The first thing I promise to do is reinstate annual leadership elections so there is no need to worry about not being able to get rid of me, the way so many nationalists complain of not being able to get rid of the current incumbent leader of the BNP, who has perhaps delighted us for long enough now. has a list of positions that are now open to applicants.

The greater the participation, the more interesting and authoritative the results.

It is just a game and an exercise, for now.

Who knows where this will take us and the country, once we have a viable virtual party and a coherent and inspirational ideology of  nationalism, rather than the current one of forever whingeing about Muslims and foreigners and blaming them for all the nation's ills?

The earlier you join the greater the likelihood of your influencing the direction of this virtual party.

You should be open about participating in this exercise if you are currently a BNP activist.  If you are expelled or suspended just for taking part in this exercise, then that would just demonstrate that the need for such an exercise is urgent indeed.

Nationalism is not the monopoly of Nick Griffin and his descendants, or ought not to be.   Nationalists deserve better than a  leader who treats their party as his own personal dynastic vehicle, and them as feudal serfs with no rights and no future.


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