Monday, 26 March 2012

Why do I not have a problem with young white men who like Nazi stuff and do Nazi salutes

David Jones of the British People's Party

"I know I have the body of a weak and [foreign] woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a [youth, and a youth of England too.]"

The alternative title for this post could also be THE POVERTY OF BRITISH CULTURE.

What do you do when you tire of sex and drugs and rock and roll?

And football too?

What do you do when you don't think Morris dancing is quite the way in which you would like to express your English identity?

What if you are a climate change denier, ie not a Green, and hate the idea of very idea of giving the government more money in taxes to assuage the collective consumerist and environmental conscience of the sheeple?

What if the British culture of Dipso, Bingo, Fatso, Tesco, ASBO, Paedo and Slut Single Mummy O just ain't your cup of tea?

What if highbrow culture, ie the stuff they play on Radio 3, ain't your cup of tea either?

What if you doubt the unholy and totalitarian doctrine that is the Trinity supported by the effeminate and emasculated Anglican Church?

What if you despise and abhor the lies and the unreasoning violence of the Far Left?

Why, you either convert to Islam or join the Far Right to assert your white racial identity in a sea of multi-racial blandness and the degeneracy brought on by too many decades of sex and drugs and rock and roll.  Your mum probably wouldn't understand but your dad just might, but he is not likely to be around, is he?

What else is there to do in this country that has no culture but its drug culture and pub culture while deifying  Slut Single Mothers through the glorification of sex and shopping?

What else is there to do if you are a young man with a mind of his own who is disgusted by the lies and effeminacy of so many decades of liberal feminist atheist government that appears to be hell-bent on promoting the degeneracy and destruction of the British nation?

What else is there to do if you wish to stand up for the truth, your moral beliefs and your people? 

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