Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why widespread illegitimacy leads eventually to degeneracy

When an SSM has a child out of wedlock it means:

1.  the child has a mother who is an SSM and all this implies at (Half of the child is already full of SSM genes!)

2.  its father doesn't care enough about it and its mother to marry its mother (Its father was probably a cad and a bounder.)

3.  its maternal grandparents did not see fit to tell its mother not to become an SSM which implies stupidity, cowardice, hypocrisy, neglect, immorality and tolerance of low standards of behaviour

4.  the family and friends of its mother think becoming an SSM is OK

5.  it will have a hell of a legacy - both environmental and heredity - to transcend

Imagine if most people in your society were worse rather than better.

Oh dear, I think we are already there.   Oops. 

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