Sunday, 29 April 2012

Essay on the problem of Feminism by an Enlightened Nationalist who wishes to be known as "Eric Blair"

Everything that is wrong about Western society stems from feminism and the fact that men are now afraid of women.   Discuss.

Feminism is the ultimate expression of the liberal conspiracy, the cultural-Marxist conspiracy, designed to emasculate white men and distort forever the natural working relationship between the sexes. Feminism does not attempt to inflict itself on Chinese or Japanese men, or Black men or Muslims. They’re culturally exempt from the oppression of this insidious social disease. Its victim is the white male, the inarticulate white male biomass and the white men who’ve been intellectually paralysed by its androcidal toxicity. 

But when did the planned diminishing of western white men in the name of ‘equal rights’ begin? Feminism began in the late 1960s, portraying women as the perpetual victims of male tyranny and it purported to address the supposed inferior social condition of women. But feminism had little to do with social justice. Rather, it was rooted in a militant lesbianism, a deep detestation of men in general, and that gave it its powerful single-minded dynamic. So now, aided throughout by the male inadequates of the political left, militant feminists have succeeded in creating a new social construct and a white man never seen before in history, a man who is no longer comfortable in his natural masculinity. And in this emasculating process, masculine integrity, the very foundation of nationalism and nation states has been severely compromised to the point of extinction.

Worse still, under the relentless onslaught of female-orientated mass advertising, modern white men are required to feminise themselves and conform as metrosexual men. They’re obliged to show female patterns of behaviour, wear ‘manly’ perfume  and use skin conditioners. They must show respect for the feelings of others and feel free to show their own feelings without reservation or embarrassment. The ethos of the ‘stiff upper lip’ and ‘big boys don’t cry’ has died and nowhere is this more evident than in the case of the emoting, feminised white American male. And so successful has the feminist movement been in the blurring and diminishing of sexual roles that even the natural distinction between male and female has been rendered ambiguous. The gay movement is the bastard child of feminism.

To compound all these manufactured problems for white men, to add insult to injury, feminism has told women they don’t need men at all except for the purpose of fertilisation. Women don’t need the socioeconomic unit of marriage, they can live alone with their random offspring on welfare and the state will be Big Sister. Their daughters follow their example and their sons are signalled they have no more a role to play than that of their absent and often anonymous fathers. The masculine identity of young white males is obliterated and no more obvious is this than within inner-city communities where an ersatz machismo has taken the place of the instinctive values traditionally handed on from father to son; courage, fortitude, strength, self-discipline, a male work ethic and personal honour. Within just four decades, feminism has driven these values to the edge of the abyss. 

None are more blind to these processes than white nationalists as they consider the uncomfortable and bleak situation they find themselves in. But in their introverted world, there’s no sense of masculine solidarity, no brotherhood, they’re held together by a collective inferiority complex. Their forums are whining, negative and full of rancour and discord and there is no awareness of the covert, imperial matriarchy that feminism has inflicted on them. Feminism has won even in the last refuges of white nationalism and diverted its attention.  Instead of identifying feminism as the real problem that faces them, its proponents blame other races for their misfortunes in their ever-diminishing world. They define themselves, unwittingly, by what they hate rather than by what they are. This is partly due to their almost universal incapacity for intellectual analysis and the fact that the forces of feminism are now so deeply embedded in society - they’re indistinguishable from an invisible force of nature, such as gravity.

So, how will the self-confidence and natural role of the white male ever be recovered? Is it too late to change things? Maybe the answer lies in a new debate between men and women to establish a new equality where the respective roles and attributes of the sexes realign with the natural order. For this to happen, white men must shed the artificial and unnatural inhibitions inflicted on them by feminism. They must take courage and not be inhibited by the false intellectual and moral credentials of feminism. It has to be said, this could be an enormous challenge, but feminism itself only began with a handful of activists. Or, maybe the answer lies in the political formulation of a new moral rearmament based on the principles of equality not inequality, not of "who's right" but of "what's right". A new non-religious variant of Buchmanism. 

Whatever the road ahead may be, the time for nationalism to overthrow feminism and the existing world order is long overdue. We’re certainly living in interesting times , so perhaps an old remedy from history, a global economic collapse, will be the spur required to force the restoration of the natural order to its default setting." 

May I tentatively suggest that nationalists appoint me as their spokeswoman? contains the bare bones of my publicity campaign.  

If it is any comfort the Japanese seem to be suffering from a similar malaise. 

War, I suspect, is the cure, and what a terrible cure it will bel.   

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Anonymous said...

This 'essay' reads like a copy-and-paste from Henry Makow or something, with a touch of Anders Breivik and a sprinkling of Simon Sheppard.