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Martin Webster's speech at the 38th New Right meeting, interrupted

Was this really so bad and antisemitic it had to be stopped by the landlord, who had been paid for the hire of his function room?

Below are my notes:

Doublethink, Ruthlessness and Cynicism in the Zionist Movement and Jewry

"What they think is doublethink gentiles think is duplicity and cheating."

Webster points out that Nuremberg laws declared that only members of the race can be citizens of a nation of that race. "Or else we will find ourselves calling a cat born at sea a kipper."  

[It is tedious how so many nationalists cannot get it that race is a smaller concept than nation, since a nation consists of groups of people who have agreed to form a nation in pursuit of their own self interest.  If we want to send everyone back to where they come from then the Old World would have to suffer the return of all the white people who colonised the New World, if the Native Americans got it together to forcibly repariate them all.  Therefore, gentlemen, therefore, we have to take the world as we find it, and ruefully admit the practical truth of the legal adage that possession is nine-tenths of the law.

It would be nice if nationalists would now just  GROW UP and stop doing the political equivalent of a child saying "I want".  Whenever they talk about repatriating non-white British citizens either forcibly or voluntarily they are doing the political equivalent of saying "I want", which well brought up children of sensible parents are told not to do so when they are old enough to understand.   Perhaps after that,  we can move on to talk about more important things, such as the

(1) challenging of feminism
(2) the uncompromising promotion of family values supported by marriage
(3) the return of male authority
(4) the return of parental authority, and, most importantly of all 
(4) the stigmatisation of the Slut Single Mum who breeds her illegitimate feral offspring at taxpayers' expense.]

"Jews are defined as persons who are born to a Jewish mother."

A Rabbi in Nazi Germany approved of the Nuremberg laws because it helped Jews define themselves, apparently. 

There were active transactions between Zionist movement and SS. Lorries were provided to the Nazis by Zionists so Jews could escape cattle truck transportation to somewhere else. But it has to be noted that these Zionists did not want to sick Jews, old Jews or Jews with sciatica [Webster suffers from sciatica] but wanted young and fit Jews who would go forth and multiply to deprive the Palestinians of their homeland. 

"Any panel discussion on Radio 4 has a Jew on it or Editor or Producer is." 

"Everything that reaches gentile ears has already been filtered through Jewish minds."

"In just the same way that Jews don't want gentiles to know the secret of their success, Hitler said National Socialism was not for export. Ruthless and immoral application of the laws of natural selection - survival of the fittest - is what the Jews do." 

[I have already said elsewhere that if Hitler were really serious about Darwinian selection, he would have converted to the Germans to Judaism en masse and just shot the ones who wouldn't.]

"The Jews exude an attitude which is secretive, selective, racist, exclusivist and predatory of other people."

"We the British are a small number of folk, heavily invaded at the moment by aliens who wish us no good at all. We've got to find ourselves not only to shake off the parasites infesting our fur at the moment, but after that we have to find a way of maintaining and defending our national independence and our identity as a people in a world full of different other kinds of people."

"It is in our interests always to be strong - speak quietly and carry a big stick, as they say - and it is also in our national interest to make as many friends as possible, whatever colour they are, as long as they are not inter-breeding with us, as long as we are not allowing ourselves to be interbred with, as long as they are not poncing off us, as long as they pay our bills for the stuff we send them, as long as we pay our bills for the stuff they send us, there is no reason why, with a sensible financial system, we should have a snarling, aggressive, predatory view of everyone else."

"The Indians are either at your feet or at your throat."

Webster talks about the banking system set up by the Jews, Dickens' description of the Jews, especially the Rothschild Octopus.

"They back every horse in the race using other people's money."

"Jewry have promoted multiracialism to us, and to the Communists too." 

"Clement Attlee was the best Prime Minister, Bevan the bravest Foreign Secretary." 

The government promoted immigration: "to slap down the uppity working classes, bring in the blacks. They will soon come back to you cap in hand begging for a job."

"The Jews have a global vision."

Webster tried to curry favour with the Jews when he was young and naive after the setting up of the NF. There was a plan afoot by the Neo Nazis to throw bits of bacon at the Chief Rabbi at the cenotaph parade.

In those days he was fighting off attacks in the street by the 62 Group and he thought he would earn some brownie points by tipping them off. 

Gerald Smith of the Jewish Chronicle said to Webster after he had tried to curry favour with the Jews, in the hope of getting the 62 group off his back.

"Even if we thought that you weren't anti-Jewish, even if we thought that were anti-anti-Jewish, even we thought you were positively pro-Jewish, we would fight you to the bitter end, to the death. Why? Because if you were successful in alerting the ordinary British people to the threat of coloured immigration, to the racial, social and cultural threat and the rest of it - if you made the British people what they are not at the moment - racially sensitive, racially aware - then certainly you might be successful in sweeping away all the blacks, all the Pakis and all the rest of the stuff that is coming to this country, but a racially alert, triumphant and sensitive British people would look around after that, and who would their gaze alight upon?  

The Jews. 

And in your country, if your people see so many exotic creatures from all over the world from all parts of Africa, Asia, the West Indies, South America, God knows where else, you will be so distracted by that that we pass under the radar." 

So we need the lands of the diaspora to be cosmopolitan, multiracial because we are unified in your country and in Israel, but you are not. 

[This is understandable since Christians were horrid to Jews and Muslims when they were in charge, and also horrid to each other, because their doctrine of the Trinity (that you must believe that Christ is also God or go to hell) is so weak and ridiculous that they needed all manner of thoughtcrime legislation to prevent Christians from throwing out the baby of morality with the bath-water of the Trinity.  Western man should have embraced Islam after discovering the design flaw of Christianity, but he was too proud and too hedonistic and hypocritical to do so.]

He thanked Gerald Smith, Chief Reporter of the Jewish Chronicle whom he met in 1970 for alerting him to the fundamental attitude and the fundamental nature of the Jewish threat.

They judge everything on this question "Is it good for the Jews?"

In the US the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People were not negroes, they were Jews.

They use Marixist ideas to promote race-mixing amongst gentiles in the West. Then they used Holocaustianity to make it seem that opposing black people will inexorably lead to the ovens of Auschwitiz.

"The Jews have promoted amongst us race mixing.  But amongst themselves they are ruthlessly promoting a campaign to stop themselves from marrying out. The most insulting and revealing argument to Jews who are thinking of marrying out is "Marrying out is a continuation of Hitler's work.  This means that marrying out is genocide. Why is it bad for them but a moral duty for us?

Jews founded to the ANC. Jews were working with the South African government to make a nuclear bomb. 

White South Africans should have set a generous portion of the land to the black people and subsidised those native peoples to make a success of themselves. They should have been content with white nannies, white dustmen, white sewer workers, white farm labourers standing on their own feet. Then apartheid would have an honesty, frankness and decency about it.
Webster was saying that the Jews at the time were interested in preserving white civilisation in South Africa, at least until they got their bomb. 

Then the publican of The Lamb interrupted.  Not a believer in free speech then.
After being thrown out.  Pretty blond WPC.  

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