Monday, 30 April 2012

The Orwell Prize and the Bernard Crick Prize

Yes, I am still whingeing about the scurvy way in which I have been treated by the Orwell Prize.

It was set up by Bernard Crick, a well-known lefty with an obsession with racial discrimination.  Lefties do not tend to approve of me so I can imagine that Bernard Crick would not be awarding me any prizes for anything I have done.

However, I like to think that George Orwell and I would have got on swimmingly.  Orwell satirised the Communists and the Soviets and there is no suggestion at all in anything that he has written that he would have disapproved of me, I, who have turned political writing into an art, but whose talent will not be acknowledged because the Prize is run by a bunch of rabid old lefties who are so arrogant they did not even attempt to hide their bias this year when they appointed two judges for the blogging prize with known Labour connections viz Suzanne Moore and Hopi Sen, who are bound to hate and fear my anti-feminist views and nationalist stance.

Bernard Crick also has a prize named after him viz the The Bernard Crick Prize

While I am happy not to enter for his prize and happy not to receive one from the crafty old lefty, I would like to point out yet again that the Orwell Prize has been hijacked by the liberal left.  Any government of any hue should not allow the award of such a prestigious prize to be controlled by a bunch of people who are corrupt, smug, arrogant and quite simply unable to comprehend politics except through the narrow focus of their tunnel vision.

I would argue that the Orwell Prize should not be awarded according to the narrow leftist principles of Bernard Crick (even though he was the one who set it up), but the grander vision of George Orwell himself, who understood only too well the arrogance that lies behind the liberal left's attempt to deny me the blogging prize that I deserve. It is only the corruption, bias, indifference and negligence of those administering the Prize that has prevented me from winning it. is where to read my blog posts that have been dismissed by the corrupt and cowardly leftists who plan to ignore and marginalise me.

It would not be so bad if the Orwell Prize called itself the Bernard Crick Prize of Commie Pinko Feminist PC Liberal Political Writing, but they do not.  If they had I would not have wasted my time.   They are quite simply a FRAUD and a DISGRACE.

Below are the people ultimately responsible for this state of affairs.

The Council was formed in 2009 to simplify the governance of the Prize, which had previously been split between the Prize’s main partners: Media Standards Trust, Orwell Trust and Political Quarterly. The Council is currently made up of:

Bill Hamilton (chair) Literary agent and literary executor of the Orwell Estate at A. M. Heath, Orwell Trustee

Richard Blair Son of George Orwell, Orwell Trustee

Meg Russell Reader in British and Comparative Politics and Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit at UCL, Political Quarterly board member

Albert Scardino Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Media Standards Trust board member

Jean Seaton Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster, Director of the Orwell Prize, Political Quarterly board member and Orwell Trustee,-jean

D. J. Taylor Author, Chair of the Orwell Trust

Tony Wright Former MP for Cannock Chase, Professor of Government and Public Policy at UCL, co-editor of Political Quarterly

However, the person probably most responsible for this state of affairs is

Katriona Lewis | Administrator, Orwell Prize
Email |
Phone | 0207 229 5722
Address | The Orwell Prize, 5/7 Vernon Yard, Portobello Road, London W11 2DX

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Anonymous said...

I must agree with you. It should really be called the Bernard Crick Prize in that case.

Our lives are only a window that lets us in on a small cross section of history. George Orwell died in 1949 and there is no way of knowing what he would have made of society in 2012.