Monday, 14 May 2012

The Ancient Greeks and the 21st Century Briton

The Greek Pantheon

The Greeks worshipped ideas in themselves, such as Love, War, Wisdom etc which they would invoke in given situations. It is how they named and organised their pantheon that was appealing and conducive to the exercise of Reason. The Greek gods' attitude towards humanity - treating us humans as mere playthings of gods - exactly mirrors the cruelty and capriciousness of life in our dog eat dog world.

Did the Greeks really believe in the literal existence of the deities?  Who knows - it was enough to talk about them as if they existed to each other, because to do so would mean you were expressing your Greekness, and being Greek was better than being a barbarian.  

The Greeks were known for being resourceful, rational and SWIFT IN ACTION.

There are not many in nationalism who are all or any of the above. When you meet a man who has these qualities* it is indeed something to be celebrated.

Sadly for the Greeks, they eventually lost their reason. Fortunately for us, we can always pick up the pieces of reason when we look back knowledgeably upon human history.

I desire the British to be a people who are resourceful, rational and swift in action - a bit like David Jones and me, I like to think.  I like to think of David being as cunning as Odysseus.  Nick Griffin can be our Cyclops ...

Cyclops and Odysseus

All we have to do then is interest enough British citizens in this aspiration, and the British peoples will have their Nationalism.

What form will this Nationalism take? It will be more peaceable, rational and libertarian than our so-called liberalism and feminism, which are the antithesis of being Greek.

*  I believe David Jones is such a man.  He has certainly understood that civic nationalism is only a tactic and that using civic nationalism to get what you want is better than "sticking to your ethno-nationalist principles" of being loudly racist and crudely xenophobic so that the entire ugly package of your ideas gets thrown out by the voter, unopened.  Of course he would favour his own people if push came to shove, but, like a true politician, he does not see any reason not to do deals with people who can help his cause.

If only there were more like him in British nationalism!

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