Tuesday, 8 May 2012

An interesting and ironic role reversal of the races in America

This is rather sinister and probably quite upsetting for many, but the points it makes hit the target.  

I am not white - I only live in the land of the white people - but I think white people are getting very upset and fearful indeed about immigration.  I would be too if I were them.

Their government does not care about them, however.

A child whom the parent thinks has irrational fears should have its irrational fears soothed and reasoned away.   What the parent ought not to do is hit that child and call it an evil extremist Nazi Fascist racist for voicing its fears, because it will become even more fearful and neurotic.

The government should perhaps ask itself why it is so addicted to foreign labour.  

Why are the indigenous whites so unsuitable for the labour force?

Is it because decades of feminist-dominated education has made the indigenous white population inferior to foreigners?

Why don't they fix their own people then and make them better employees?

Is it because decades of welfarism - the means by which statist and leftist political parties use to buy their votes - have produced an inferior people so inferior that even their own people won't hire them?

Is it because fixing the quality of the indigenous is going to take so much time and trouble that no government dares to try this because it would be so unpopular it would be thrown out of office at the next election?

How have decades of welfarism resulted in the degeneracy of the white race?

Because welfarism has encouraged female promiscuity, and female promiscuity produces sluts and bastards, who are social parasites.  

In Britain more than half the babies now are born out of wedlock.

In Britain, only a homosexual dared to say that white people have become like black people.

What did he mean by that?  Just that most black people are born out of wedlock as are white people now.

Why are black people over-represented in the crime statistics?

Because they are mostly singly-parented, just like white people now.  

Why is it OK to be singly parented now, when it was not before?

Because of FEMINISM.  

Their children of single mothers who go to schools tend to have behaviour and educational attainments that  drag down everybody's.  Also, the liberal and feminist-dominated teaching profession do not like traditional ideas of discipline and conspire to hide their failure.  

Why does the government bribe social parasites with the taxes of the productive?

Because that is what will buy them votes and without votes they cannot be in office, and without being in office they are nothing as politicians.

Politicians these days are only divided into AMORAL tribes who care nothing for the national interest and cannot think beyond the next election ie 5 years.

What are the Sacred Cows of these amoral and tribal politicians who run our countries?

  1. The Welfare State
  2. Democracy (whatever that means)
  3. Freedom (though we have that less and less now)
  4. Feminism (which is founded on the principle of gender equality and which gives women the right to be as promiscuous as men at the expense of the taxpayer, who are mostly male)
  5. Sexual liberation AKA sexual licence AKA Slut Single Mums AKA Widespread illegitimacy

If nationalists get it together to challenge feminism and reclaim power from the demented matriarchy, they can prevent the ship of state from crashing into the rocks.  There is not much time left now.  Sadly, however, the people most affected by degeneracy of feminism are in fact the white working classes, who are the ones complaining about immigration because they are most affected by it.  

But they too are addicted to one or some or all of the above five I have listed.   

Feminism is really quite easy to challenge, if we all do it together.  I like to think it will be as easy and as instantaneous as what happened when the boy in THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES pointed out that the emperor was naked.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  

The Empress in her "New Clothes" of Feminism

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