Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Old fraud my mother hates seduces Sarah Montague

Old Tibetan Goat holds hand of British female journalist utterly charming her and her dumbed-down listeners with his gurgling laugh

Yes, tis true that my ma thinks the Dalai Lama is an old goat and an old fraud who runs rings round the idiotic West because he is so good at being cute and cuddly.   It is also true that my mother thinks he is probably a CIA agent and a traitor to his race.   He doesn't have a beard, so liberal feminist women like him.  Have you read this man's platitudinous tweets at!/DalaiLama?
The West is now so dumbed-down it think his tweets (rather than mine at!/1party4all) constitute great wisdom.  Pah.

He also won the Templeton Prize, which I have not.

I don't suppose Abu Hamza would be trying to hold Sarah Montague's hand though I find the idea  delicious, to say the least! Abu Hamza is also a religious leader, it must be pointed out, just like the Dalai Lama, but he is not in any way platitudinous.  Perhaps that is why he is not all popular with liberal women and effeminate liberal men.

How China can solve the problem of Tibet

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