Monday, 21 May 2012

On racial superiority and racial inferiority

It is all about good manners. Even if we do think we our superior we should not be arrogant or rude. Sadly, so many of these white nationalists come from a background where these virtues have not firmly inculcated.

Indeed, some of them are crude enough to think that being a nationalist means you must be rude to other races and foreigners as a matter of principle. Indeed, they behave like the bastard retarded children that a parent is ashamed of and wishes to dissociate himself or herself from, rather than attempt to advise or correct.

They are of course their own worst enemy because many of the policies they support are quite sensible, eg withdrawal from the EU, the return of the capital and corporal punishment, but, because they are so despised and come from such low poor rough backgrounds, no one listens to them.

Even now they talk about forcible repatriation, apparently not noticing that London has fallen to the Muslims and that Britain has a few Pakistani cities, whether they like it or not.

They remind me of men who ask a woman they fancy if she fancies a shag, rather than adopt the more tried and proven method of trying to court her and charm her.  Perhaps they already know they are going to fail, so they can whinge some more about the world not being fair and to display their victimhood and their wounds that no one wants to see.

They say things should not be like this, rather like aggrieved children saying the world "is not fair".

They do not seem aware that implementing a policy of forcibly repatriating non-white British citizens (which they like to call "phased and humane repatriation") would result in civil war.

Perhaps that is what they really want.

And they are surprised and aggrieved people will not vote for them in sufficient numbers.  Must be the Jews conspiring against them, as usual, they mutter darkly to themselves.

In a way it is not surprising that their own government has washed their hands of them. Their government either refuses or cannot be bothered to tell them that their slut and bastard ways and the shit education they get from state schools makes them unfit for purpose as a working class. That is why they are being replaced by foreigners.

Do they ever ask for a better education? No.

Most of them have no idea what a grammar school is.

All they do is whinge about the Muslims looking their noses at them because the Muslims see how slut and bastard the white working classes are and resolve never ever to become like the indigenous sluts and bastards.

Do nationalists want to talk about family values supported by marriage?

Do they fuck.

They prefer to whinge about people who come from brown backward countries who come here and do better than they do because they at least respect the institutions of the family and marriage, while the slut and bastard white indigenous fuck and drink and drug themselves to degradation and death, while being afraid of criticising their Slut Single Mums.

They are really really beyond contempt and probably beyond help.

Jews and Muslims do family values supported by marriage, but the indigenous white working classes don't, thinking themselves somehow above such things.

They are like a very average student refusing to study hard and hating, envying, bullying and breaking the spectacles and tearing the books of anyone who does better than they do.

Of such attitudes is British nationalism derived.

Nick Griffin, instead of appealing to what is noble and masculine in the working man, instead appeals to what is venal, petty and the eternal and ignoble victimhood of the proletariat, especially the promiscuous female activist whom male nationalists are in thrall to, especially if she sleeps with more than one of them, and causes them to fight each other.  Women like this are welcome because her presence suggests that nationalism is respectable enough to deserve the participation of women.

Have you noticed the new BNP heart logo with its blurred edges?  Forsooth, the BNP itself is now trying to court the female vote, in the teeth of the realisation that where we are now has been the result of decades of courting the female vote.

Nick Griffin would never support family values now, because he knows that most of his supporters are now afflicted with the cancer of illegitimacy and fatherlessness, broken homes that tolerance of the Slut Single Mum has caused.  To support family values would mean that he would have to tell his slut and bastard supporters to mend their ways, and that is more than his job's worth.  It is far easier and more profitable to milk their grievance and monetise it.

And so, as David Starkey says, white people have become black.

They will be treated like the Wiggers they have become, by the rest of the world.

The tragedy of this is of course that the victims of feminism can no longer help themselves.

They are so far gone that only a female and a foreigner will say the things that need to be said.

And even then she is shunned by nationalists for saying the things that need to be said.

That is how bad things are, for I have now been banned from all nationalist meetings.   Their purpose is to pretend that everything I have said should be ignored, so they do not have to grasp the nettle of feminism, so they can remain in denial.  

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