Thursday, 24 May 2012

Orwell Prize Award 2012

Mrs Christopher Hitchens. 

Mrs Christopher Hitchens whose late husband I once met at the Academy Club when it was in Beak Street.  

The assembled company in the Assembly Room
Mrs Christopher Hitchens and her brother-in-law Peter

Peter Hitchens and a familiar face whose name I cannot remember

Peter Hitchens and is that Peter Kellner?

Suzanne Moore judge of the blogging prize who successfully kept my entry off the longlist because of my BNP connections and because I dared to suggest that Jeffrey Marshall of the BNP should stand in Stoke Newington and North Hackney at the last General Election, where she was also standing.  He would easily have beaten her too.   She only received a derisory 299 votes and if Jeffrey had received just 1 more vote, he could easily claim that the BNP was more popular than a socialist and a feminist.
Xiaobei Liang who, disappointingly for me, does not work for the Xinhua News Agency, but instead for a Chinese lifestyle and glamour magazine.

A very nice lady called Margaret and Lance Sergeant Leon Peek of the Welsh Guards whom I thought was Toby Harnden who won the Book Prize

Peter Hitchens and Michael Cockerell who was complaining that hardly any one had watched his documentary series about the 70s.  You can still catch it on iPlayer.

I thought the man on the right looked a bit like Peter Stringfellow.

Unknown young lady with unknown young man with Peter Hitchens, Michael Cockerell, man who reminded me of Peter Stringfellow and Mrs Christopher Hitchens

Peter Hitchens and Michael Cockerell

Mrs Christopher Hitchens and unknown young lady.  Niece?

Michael Cockerell and woman I thought was Polly Toynbee but is really Rosie Waterhouse. 

The pretty Katriona Lewis in a gorgeous green dress, Administrator of the Orwell Prize.  

Paul Anderson, who co-wrote SAFETY FIRST with my ex-friend Nyta Mann who has disowned me because of my political views.   

Left: Heresy Corner who has blocked me from following his tweets.  Right: young man who was kneeling before Heresy Corner paying his obeisances. 

I met the following:

Brian Cathcart!/briancathcart of Kingston University my alma mater.  He was OK at first about me saying that I am anti-feminist but was initially a little puzzled when I said "nationalist politics".  He was pretty horrified when I said BNP.  As long as you are not a member, he said.  Well, I am no longer a member because I have been expelled.  Anyway, he moved off pretty sharpish after that, though he was initially encouraging telling me to find a publication that might publish my writing.  I said I had been in touch with journalists, editors and publishers who gave me the impression that my writings are really so beyond the pale that they are unpublishable.

James McKeigue of Money Week and an attractive Argentinian lady called Carla was with him.  Money Week is an excellent little magazine, and you can follow James on Twitter at!/JamesMoneyWeek

My submission can be found at

The winning one can be found at  It is so boring I cannot bring myself to read all of them to satisfy myself that it is really as boring as I think it is.  

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