Thursday, 10 May 2012

There *is* a problem with British parenting by David Jones

Dave Jones' occasional column OVER THE FARM GATE


(Over the Farm Gate - opinion column from Dave Jones, Independent Nationalist of the Lancashire Pennines)

I once shared a Facebook post with what can only be described as a scantily dressed, drugged/ pissed up young white slapper at a rave in a sexually-suggestive pose, surrounded fifteen leering Negroes, on my wall which was captioned;
"Congratulations - you've failed in raising your daughter!".

This was very telling as I've been following story of the Rochdale Pakistani "grooming gangs". We all know it happens, or at least those of us who don't wear the liberal blinkers do. I've campaigned on it and petitioned the local constabulary about it at public meetings during the course of it over my four successive election runs for Local Government. However, while people turn (supposedly) to we nationalists for solutions - there is one pertinent question nobody seems to want to deal with.

1) Why do parents not prevent their underage daughters from drug-taking, casual sex? Why do they not warn their offspring about these animals, and warn them to stay away from the feral Pakistanis?

The obvious answer:

These parents are too liberal, infected with feminism, consumerism and junk culture to be fully committed to raising their kids properly. By watching their young, preferring an easy life and abandoning their future offspring, turn to the MTV world of rap, drugs, "whigger" culture, they betray the wider community interest and watch them turn to the chavvy, no-hope, thieving, mindless drains upon society.

It should be noted that this is a result of a lack strict enforcement of family standards which we can lay at the door of...

a) Feminism
b) Liberalism
c) Socialism
d) Consumerism
e) The cowardly, modern middle class attitude to parenting.

Nationalists can blame this on a 'rich poor divide', 'the education system' etc but this is utter tosh, I know it, you know it. The problem starts with us and how we choose to raise our kids. I'd like to think that family strength can overcome all the evils I have listed above.

Many of the working folk people, even on the avenues of the neglected council estates in my own operational area of political, while they've admittedly succumbed to the disease of welfare-dependency, maintain social standard of honour which kept their families solid and together. For the most part it has kept their youngsters away from the feral Muslims. I am proud to call these people my core voters, they have stood by me thick and thin.

The 'conservative' middle-classes aren't getting off the hook here.

Excluding the ones who regularly give me their vote, many including retired police officers, their own bourgeois unwillingness to radically challenge the liberal modern disease has turned their kids, through want of a bit of discipline, into spoilt little brats who scrounge endlessly off their parents and then become commie 'revolutionary' students once they get into university. These brats in turn evolve into the loathsome, cowardly, unprincipled, treacherous elitists who abuse their eventual positions of social responsibility gifted to them by the their 'further education' (which most of them spend smoking pot paid for either by us or their cowardly parents) to continue the trend of selling us down the river. Again all through want of a good, timely clout!

And now let us turn to the Pakistani community themselves!

Their own religion supposedly prevents them from behaving like the scummy underclass which sadly many whites are turning into, yet in towns like Rochdale it is not uncommon to see young coloured youths sat drinking Oranjeboom Superstrength in Brownfield Park! Even in my nearest town Todmorden one local Pakistani yobbo is widely known to be addicted to 'subitex', a heroin replacement prescribed to our growing number of white addicts. Of course the Asian elders are having a collective headache about this and wring their hands, feeling they have lost control of their youth. None of them dare challenge the younger Muslims who run the heroin trade in this area, and even their sole kinsman on the Town Council, a Liberal Democrat shopkeeper who is due to be sworn in as Town Mayor is said to be very nervous. Again the lack of community order is not limited to our own folk but also to the once solid Muslim Community. Crime Money has talked here, not the standards their Qu'ran apparently!

Well I as a local nationalist am prepared to make the case for restoring traditional white family values amongst the white peoples. I am also prepared to help the Elders of the 500 strong Pakistani population re-establish order and family values amongst their people, if that is needed to fight;

a) the drugs trade
b) feminism
c) consumerism
d) liberalism & socialism"


NickGrifford said...

Is David Jones a parent?


Claire Khaw said...

He is not a parent, but I do not see that he has to be a parent to give a valid opinion on this matter. It is probably enough to notice that the British are liberal parents and liberal parents are the worst parents in the world.

NickGrifford said...

Better bad parents with children, some of whom may possess the potential to change the world than good potential parents with no children at all - in my opinion.


Claire Khaw said...

Bad parents bring up children who disgrace their parents and by extension their race if there are enough bad parents in that race.

NickGrifford said...

And in contrast, 'zero' children can neither disgrace nor engender pride. Of course poor parental guidance is not acceptable but far more damaging is an under abundance of offspring. I know personally of at least one patriot who eventually developed into a fine patriot despite the infliction of banal and liberal guardians.