Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Emasculated white men who call themselves nationalists fear their women more than they fear Muslims and racial degradation

So many white nationalists in America and Britain seem to think President Putin of Russia is going to rescue them from the Muslim hordes. They wait like distressed maidens for their knight in shining armour, I suppose, putting on their make-up and looking out the window hopefully from time to time. Every day in every way my contempt for them increases exponentially. There are two things you do with distressed maidens: you either rescue them or you exploit them and sell them into slavery after having seduced or deflowered them.

It seems the white man is not preparing even to fight an ideological war against feminism.

They do not wish to fight an ideological war because they do not want to change their ways of thinking.

To fight a successful ideological war, they must first abandon all the ways that they have tried and failed.

But many are sentimental romantics who have been accustomed to a life of failure and see no shame in failure.

Indeed, it can be seen that many do not want success, for, with success comes the burden of office. With the burden of office comes the exercise of power, which doubtless they will misuse.

And so they prefer failure because failure means that you do not have the burden of office and the chance that you will misuse your power and fail.

They prefer instead to fail and whinge weakly like women, because that is all they have known and all they ever want to know.

If they wanted to try new things they would consider nationalism under an anti-feminist and a civic nationalist ticket.

It is quite clear to me that these white men have no use for me.   They would only have use for me if they want to tackle feminism.  If they wanted to tackle feminism they would see the necessity of embracing civic nationalism, but they are now too thick and slut and bastard-bred to see this or wish to discuss it.

Does this surprise me?  Yes and no.  I have to go through all the motions to prove exactly how fucking useless and contemptible the white man is, even the ones who say they want to save their race.



Even the Muslims are afraid of SSMs.  (They were the ones who had their shops looted by the sluts and bastards of Britain and three of their young men were murdered by the slut and bastard rioting scum.  In time they too will be made to adopt the slut and bastard standards and values of 21st century Britain and the moral standards of non-Muslim British womanhood.

Even the Muslims will become pussies if they stay here long enough, cowering in fear at the SSM who squats over them and pisses on them, as in time their female descendants will become bastard-breeding SSMs.

Muslims will in time shut up about SSMs, just like the Jews.

The Muslims living in Britain will become the gutless wimps white non-Muslim men have become, and the Muslims of other lands will piss and shit on them too and will come here to Britain to abuse their easy meat female descendants.

Islam can be part of the solution, and only I know how this can be done while respecting the best British traditions of worship, law and culture.

If the useless scummy useless so-called white "nationalists" hope I will fade away if they ignore me and exclude me from their meetings on trumped-up charges, it is not my intention to do so.

I have to go through the motions of all I can reasonably do to establish how hopeless and gutless they are and how incapable of doing even the least they can do, which is to acknowledge the causes of the British malaise or be prepared to discuss it in a civil and rational way.

"Right thought, right speech, right action", as the Buddha said.  These so-called men are not even thinking the right thoughts.

I can see now that they are too fearful of even looking at their Slut Single Mum Sacred Cow in the eye.

If right-minded men of all races and religions support me they and I will grow in strength and influence.  If they ignore me, then they (and I mean all Britons of all races) will only have a slut and bastard future to look forward to, and the degradation of their descendants under an increasingly demented matriarchy.

Who were the English rioters last year?  The bastard spawn of British SLUTS whom no one will criticise.  Even James Delingpole who complained about the uselessness of the riots enquiry dared not mention Slut Single Mums.
How the Liberal Left media at an Orwell Prize do pointedly refuse to acknowledge the role of Slut Single Mums in the riots of 2011
How even the Mail is TOO AFRAID of mentioning in its headlines that it was a gang of BLACK men who stabbed a white father and his son in a North London pub for no reason at all

"Father, 56, fighting for life after being stabbed trying to shield dying son from frenzied attack by hoodie gang outside pub after Chelsea match" is how the PC Mail chose to put it
Mail and nation applauds the fact that degraded overweight white man is given food by a black man


Anonymous said...

What has this got to do with Vladimir Putin exactly?

Claire Khaw said...

These people seem to think that Putin will save them from the Muslim hordes and turn back the tide, without them having to do anything, except whinge weekly.

Handscharloyalist74 said...

This makes me laugh,too- Stormfront contributors are blinded by Islamophobia,and,as a result,just focus on Putin quite rightly kicking the Wahabbists out of Chechnya. In the Russian Federation, Putin has treated mainstream Islam with respect,as it supports community and family values-as the Orthodox Church does,and the non-Zionist Hasidic Jews do. His edict against extremism encompasses idiots like neo-Nazis who attack innocent Muslim citizens as much as it does Wahabbi 'preachers of hate' and their followers.These idiots don't see the full picture.Possibly,given the presence of a good few queers in the EDL et al,the sods may well see Putin as a gay icon,too.

Best thing for any Nationalist to do is to make the distinction that Putin did between Islam's majority,a 'force for good' in society as he stated in a speech before the Hajj and the Wahabbists who want to destroy civil society.There are, and were,those amongst the Muslim community in the UK who have acted to make life hard for the Wahabbi element,and will continue to do so.I,as a Muslim,have done so in the past,and occasionally cracked a few heads too.That's the way forward.The US and UK should realise that they and the bulk of Muslims in the West have common ground that can be built upon.our enemy is cultural Marxism,and the bulk of the Right are influenced by this vile creed,which needs the dismantling of the threads that hold civil society together so that the Left or NWO can have complete control over the people.

Finally,only after a serious economic and social collapse in the West,as there was in Yeltsin's Russia,would someone like Putin emerge as a leader,and,sadly,given the mentality of US and UK sheeple,that most probably wouldn't happen.

Claire Khaw said...

Are you familiar with the concept of Secular Koranism?