Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"Why a White Nationalist would work with Claire Khaw" by David Jones

"Claire has a love of controversy, like me she loves offending people who deserve to be offended. These include both nationalists and liberals who take themselves too seriously.
If we are to get anywhere instead of ideologically masturbating and massaging our own egos, we must learn that we are going to have to talk to those we disagree with. That starts with civic nationalists talking to racial nationalists. What a better way to make that statement.

Claire is the only one prepared to address the feminist issue, a cancer central to left-liberal ideology, and one that discriminates against half the world's population, but which nationalists wont touch.

Claire is anti-welfarism, a closely related matter. Welfarism shifts the responsibility of the individual to a “blame on society”. It is fundamentally anti-Darwinian and runs counter to both libertarianism and Fascism.

Adolf Hitler himself acknowledged that “high yellows” (Chinese and Japanese) were on a par with our own civilization as opposed to Africans etc. Claire is interested in the betterment of the white racial stock generally.  That makes us allies whether people wish to see it or not.

Whilst Hell will freeze over before I ever submit to Islam, Adolf and I share her recognition of its strength, we can learn from it in the same way a micro-biologist learns from a deadly, super immine strain of MRSA.

Claire is female and yet supports the integrity of manhood. My own masculine upbringing of 1% motorcycles, shooting and farming complements this perfectly. I appreciate the value of a woman honest enough to attack feminism, who believes women should be women and men should be men, with no mistaking which is which.
Claire has a vampire-like resistance to abuse and seems impervious to disillusionment. We need more like her.

With my bottom-up knowledge of street politics and local government, rural affairs and northern affairs, and her top-down ideological bent, urban affairs, law and London affairs we can make a perfect co-leadership of a united civic/ethno pincer movement aiming to unite all free-thinking, serious activists into a common cause, for the betterment of the nation."

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