Saturday, 16 June 2012

The necessity, utility and morality of libertarian eugenics

My most eye-catching idea is my absolute refusal to back down from the moral necessity for the practice of eugenics, if you care for the long-term health of your society, as you should if you are a nationalist. My most infamous idea is my proposal to legalise infanticide if committed by the parents of unwanted disabled babies.

Yet, when reduced to its bare essentials, people will see that it is not really so objectionable, since all I propose to do is give parents the OPTION of doing so. There is no compulsion and no prohibition.

There is no danger of this option being exercised by parents to a degree that would prevent the continuing existence of the British peoples, and it is therefore on this Kantian ground perfectly moral.

The people who object will mostly be women who see the potential in raising their status at public expense by parading themselves with their disabled charges - the more pathetic they are, the greater their immunity from criticism.

In this way is the labour of the productive being wasted on the unproductive, by the supremacy of women over men in these matters of caring.

It is therefore time that men now remind women that whoever pays the piper calls the tune.  That is all they need to do to reassert their masculine authority over the feminine tendency to waste their maternal instincts on hopeless cases that will only result in more hopeless cases being born, creating an ever-increasing vicious circle of degeneracy, poverty and decline.  

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