Wednesday, 13 June 2012

More state nannying by the profligate Cameron

My comment:

The government does not appear to realise that prevention is better than cure. Far cheaper would be to propose the lashing of Slut Single Mums 100 times (as instructed by the Koran) and the threat to sell any badly brought up children as slaves to China, together with their useless degenerate parents, thus boosting British exports. In fact, the British could start exporting their Slut Single Mums just like in the good old days when they sold opium to the Chinese, in order to destroy their civilisation.
was deleted.  

A Peter Buss said:

A truly awful comment which ought to have no place on a site like this.

My response:

I am sorry you do not appreciate Swiftian satire. Degeneracy in Britain caused by the widespread tolerance of slut single mums has caused the alarming dumbing down of Conservatives too.

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