Saturday, 16 June 2012

MPs can be mentally ill says liberal establishment suffering from dementia

List of MPs who want the mentally ill to become MPs

  1. Kevan Jones 
  2. Charles Walker
  3. Sarah Wollaston
  4. Andrea Leadsom
  5. Paul Burstow 
  6. Gavin Barwell
  7. Robert Buckland
  8. Nicky Morgan

The first four admit to having been mentally ill.  Should we not despise and distrust MPs who are stupid enough to admit to mental illness and believe they can make political capital out of their mental illness?   

Perhaps they think the voter is mad and silly enough to want to lower even further the despicably low quality of the typical politician of dumbed down slut and bastard Britain, but I think we can make them pay for it come next election.  

I shall not forget the Ignominious Eight.   

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