Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NO BRAINER SOLUTION: keep libraries and pools, scrap dementia suffers and the learning disabled

The Local Government Association is warning that by 2020, local councils are going to have to spend virtually all their money on adult social care and emptying the bins. Tony Travers, local government expert at the LSE, and Sir Merrick Cockell, chair of the LGA, debate the issue.

Social care should be completely scrapped while keeping pools and libraries open.

Dementia suffers and the learning disabled should be put down if all they are going to do is be mad and silly as well as a charge on the state.

Dementia sufferers and the learning disabled should only be kept alive if their loved ones and charities are prepared to do so.

What is the point of keeping alive dementia sufferers and the learning disabled at the expense of the taxpayer? Exactly: there is no reason.

Yes, yes, yes. If I suffer from dementia and become learning disabled you have my permission to put me down.

It is also undignified and not much fun to be abused by your carers.

Starving yourself is also an option.  The benefit of this is that you will get quite a lot of attention while doing so.

If  there is enough demand, proper facilities can be made to move you into ie Starving Rooms where you will be well looked after and visitors allowed to visit you in a pleasant environment, but in which you will neither be fed nor watered, until you are dead.

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Anonymous said...

They just need a fancy name for it, like abortion or euthanasia