Sunday, 15 July 2012

In Britain, "black" is more offensive than "cunt"

In Paedo Fatso Bastard Britain Slutland, ruled by the demented and easily offended matriarchs, "cunt" is more offensive than "black".

If John Terry had just called Anton Ferdinand a "cunt", he would have been OK.

Yep, that's how things are in our demented matriarchy that is the international laughing stock - a nation ruled by stupid cunts.


Anonymous said...

I know its an old article but I have just come across it and I am a bit confused by the points you are making in your blog. Of course if you call someone a black cunt, the word black will be more offensive. Black on its own isn't offensive but obviously if your calling someone a black "something" then no matter what the something is you are referring to their colour in the insult when colour should play no part if you decide to sling an insult. From my understanding when someone calls someone a black cunt they are using the word black in a negative perspective, almost like the word black can be translated to dirty, hence when black is used in an insult it is racist and a dig for being BLACK. Thats why the word black CAN be more offensive than cunt. Its context.

Claire Khaw said...

If that is what you think then you are not being irrational. There is nothing wrong with being black but definitely something wrong with being a cunt.