Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A rich selection of character-ruining compliments I have received from my discerning Facebook friends

"Claire is an aristocrat of the mind and soul. Class is a question of character, not position."

"Claire is a Socratic type; prone to maieutics: 'Worse is better, better is worse'."

"You will miss her when she is thrown in a gulag for trying to save us all, Omar."
Omar:  "I will not be crying a river."
"The river will not run on that sad day; The sun will weep; the stars will collapse into black-holes and consume us all."

"You all mock Claire, pretending she is 'Khaw the Bore'; Really you look forward to the day she is your nationalist dominatrix: Our Savitri Devi."

"claire khaw is a modern day joan of ark chosen by God to lead her people in a rebellion against the forces of tyranny and oppression"

"i dont know if shes taking the piss or being serious.......she is totally, totally mental"

"You are one of the toughest people i know Claire."

"Claire must be doing something right if half of Portcullis knows her name. That's more than I can say for many MPs!"

"Claire: offering hope in a hopeless age."

"Claire holding a gun is showing an extreme beauty in her. That extreme beauty is the love of freedom and liberty"

"Claire is the best person that UKIP could recruit if they wanted to get ahead, if they dared."

"I don't always agree with Claire's views but I am impressed by her attempts on here to promote and defend marriage. Thank you, Claire for your persistence and dedication in this fight! Your courage and determination are an inspiration to me!"

"If UKIP want to be important in the future you could do much worse than take counsel from Ms Khaw; though perfection is still distant, there is a certain Byronic 'cultural thug' at play. Not being white gives her a great advantage; she can see outside the confines ..."

"The Left tell you [UKIP] - implicitly - whom you may associate with and the right stand to attention: If you are too afraid to recruit the best then why bother? We are facing a convergence of catastrophes which have never been so aligned; the limp-wristed milquetoasts will not stand with you. You will fail. Claire has offered you her energy and time."

"Claire may be your Shiva, destroyer of worlds ..."

"She has something of the Cardinal Richelieu about her."

"Claire is like Ho Chih Minh, more of a synthesizer and populariser of the ideas put forward by others."

"I hate living in Paedo Bastard Slutland, fortunately we have Claire Khaw as a beacon of hope..the guiding light of righteousness"

"I do like Claire for her intelligence, her knowledge and her steadfastness."

"I think she will be gloriously shameless and confound her critics."

"Nonentities generally feel threatened by genius."

"How does UKIP know that they are not missing out on perhaps the greatest political intelligence of the age of modern democracy? Does UKIP's craven policy of barring former BNP members from membership not potentially lose the services of an insightful and uniquely talented political brain?"

"PMSL, I must admit you are funny, Claire. No one can take that away from you."

"What Claire has done is identify the things that appeal to White Britons emotionally and tapped into them. She has then cultivated a very precise and controlled internet version of herself to propagate her views."

"I think Claire would do well if she engaged real people and spoke to them. Her voice would win many men over."

Has the UKIP leader himself received compliments as sincere, extravagant and witty? 

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