Thursday, 16 August 2012

What Lord Mandelson and I have in common

The flowers I delivered to Lord Mandelson when he was in hospital for his operation. I even received t  a thank you letter written in his fountain pen.  "Thank you for thinking of me," he wrote graciously.

Photo taken by a retired London Labour MP whose name I cannot now remember on the day of  the funeral of the widow of Tony Crosland

"She has something of the Cardinal Richelieu about her," said a Facebook friend on 14 August 2012 at 13:20.

I know it is not quite the same as having laudatory pieces written about one by the liberal press, but it does suggest that Lord Mandelson and I may have something in common.  Lord Mandelson was the power behind the throne.  I could be the power behind the power behind the throne.

I wish Lord Mandelson to know that I would be delighted and gratified to receive a marriage proposal from him and to be his Lady Mandelson.  I understand his weakness for the stronger sex and hope he will also  understand my weakness for Facebook, and occasionally, particularly attractive, intelligent and charming members of the fairer sex.

Our marriage would make him interesting and to the media again and we could even have our own political chat show which would be so much better than what Andrew Neill is doing now.

You and me, baby, we could really go places!    

If I had been his wife I would have told him not to resign his seat, not to be so eager to be kicked upstairs and not be content with exile to Brussels.  And if he had followed my advice PM would be PM by now. has silly, loving and admiring things I have said of him.   

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