Friday, 28 September 2012

Michael Coleman of the BNP should appeal against his conviction on the ground that there was an error of law

When Labour Councillor Joy Garner reported Michael Coleman's blog to the police for causing her alarm, harassment and distress, prohibited by s 4A of the Public Order Act, was this woman in a public place?

Were any of those people who brought his blog to her attention in a public place when they read his blog?

Can one feel threatened, harassed, alarmed and distressed on the behalves of the people one is hoping to solicit votes form?

If so, is this good law?

If the people who drew his blog to her attention were just sitting in their homes and offices (and therefore not in a public place) in front of their computers while reading his blog, they were not in a public place, were they?

If they were not in a public place, then how could the Public Order Act (which applies only to public places) ever apply to this alleged offence?

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Anonymous said...

Claire an interesting article articulating some of the questions you raise..