Sunday, 2 September 2012

Priti Patel better suited to being Home Secretary than Theresa May

Priti Patel has expressed pleasingly trenchant views on the question of the death penalty.  She is not white, which means she is more likely to be a genuine Conservative expressing and feeling genuinely Conservative views than  the milquetoasts the Tory Party is now infested with.

It was after all Theresa May who turned the Tories liberal by saying in 2002 that the Conservative Party should no longer be seen as the nasty party.

Four years later "Cameron kills Tory taboos on gays and single parents"

Now, more than  half the babies born in Britain are bastards whose mothers are sluts and we are now being treated to the prospect of gay marriage which the LibLabCon will delight in shoving it up our collective arses.  

The government inveighs against forced marriages when it is practised by Asians, but never mention the kind of forced marriage whereby the taxpayer is compelled to pay out for bastards he never intended to sire as if he were the husband of some dreadfully common prostitute who loved her job so much she often forgot to charge for her services.

I think the defenestration of Theresa May may please more than a few white men who may still remember what Conservative principles are supposed to be, and who have noticed how much that woman has exploited her the fact that she is a passably attractive woman.

I am sure Priti Patel would be more likely to do the job properly than any white man or white MP fatally infected by PC liberalism.  We should give her a go, is what I think.

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