Friday, 12 October 2012

A brief history of Christians

Because nothing was clear in the Bible, Christians were always fighting each other.

Because Christians were always fighting each other, they were best at fighting out of all the people on earth.

The British were Christians and they had the world's first World Empire.

The Americans were Christians and they were the first land on the moon.

Because Christians were best at fighting, they ran the world.  After they became wealthy they became decadent and effeminate.  Then they frittered away their inheritance acquired by the blood, sweat and tears of their ancestors on wine, women and song as well as on really really stupid wars like WW1 and  WW2 and now the wars in Afraqbyaran.

They also made a God of Consumerism, Hedonism, Sexual Liberation, Feminism and Usury.

But the Anglican Church said nothing that was effective in preventing this. Indeed, Anglican clergy delighted in doing the opposite of what the Bible says.  This is because it had become infested by Commie Pinko homos and women.  Now, even the disgraceful and disgusting Archbishop of Canterbury is not ashamed to say he supports gay marriage and an even more effeminate Anglican Church!

And then Christendom was Cursed by God, as you would expect, if you believe in God's existence.

Because Christians no longer practise their religion, they will fall to those who do practise their religion.

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