Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Are female vicars failing their suicidal male parishioners?

Sent: 08 October 2012 11:34
To: Charlie Allen
Subject: The late Michael Smith of Portchester, Fareham, Hants

Dear Reverend Allen

I am doing some research.  You may remember a certain Mike Smith, who was a friend of mine.

I wonder if you are able to remember if he at any time sought any pastoral advice from you before he committed suicide.

We were both at his funeral at the sailing club.  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to speak to you.

Yours sincerely
 Claire Khaw
Sent: Monday, 8 October 2012, 15:33
Subject: RE: The late Michael Smith of Portchester, Fareham, Hants

Dear Claire,

Many thanks for your email.  I’m sure you will understand that it would be inappropriate for me to disclose the details of any pastoral contact I may have had with Mike  or Judy, as such conversations are confidential between the people involved.

Mike’s death was immensely sad for everyone who knew him, and it was a privilege to be invited to officiate at his funeral and to share with his friends and family in giving thanks for his life.

With every blessing,


The Revd Charlie Allen
Director of Ordinands & Co-ordinator for Initial Ministerial Education
Diocese of Salisbury
Sent: 09 October 2012 09:08
To: Charlie Allen
Subject: Re: The late Michael Smith of Portchester, Fareham, Hants

Dear Charlie

Thank you for your response.  I fear you may have misunderstood me!

I am very anxious that you understand that I was not asking for details of what Mike might have said to you when he confided to you that he was feeling suicidal!   I was only asking if he ever confided in you that he was feeling suicidal, which he may or may not have done.

I do realise how improper it would be for you to tell anyone what he actually said to you, and I would certainly not ask or expect you to divulge such a thing(!), but I was only asking if he ever confided in you that he was feeling suicidal.

I am sorry to have troubled you.


Sent: Tuesday, 9 October 2012, 15:54
Subject: RE: The late Michael Smith of Portchester, Fareham, Hants

Dear Claire,

I fear we are splitting hairs here!  Whether Mike confided in me that he was feeling suicidal or not would be the content of a private pastoral conversation and it would be inappropriate for me to share that information with anyone outside of that conversation.

If you’d like to talk to someone about Mike, perhaps you would be wise to contact Judy directly as she will be able to decide what information she wishes to share with you and which information she would like to remain private.

With every blessing,

To: Charlie Allen
Sent: Tuesday, 9 October 2012, 17:43
Subject: Re: The late Michael Smith of Portchester, Fareham, Hants

Dear Charlie

It was not my intention to split hairs.  I imagine if Mike had confided in you but not told Judy that he had done so - and that seems to me quite possible - then Judy would not have known, so there is no point asking her.

I am sure you are wondering about the purpose of my question, and I am happy to explain.

I wish to investigate whether male parishioners are in fact disadvantaged as a result of women priests in the Anglican Church.  In other words, are female priests failing their male parishioners?

I am currently running a survey on this question. in which I ask:

"You are a man of 57 in 2010. You are feeling suicidal. You go to church regularly. Your vicar is female. Would her being female make you more or less likely to confide in her about your suicidal feelings?"

The most interesting answer I have received so far is this one:

"I probably wouldnt want to demean myself to a woman by admitting I felt like a pathetic looser lol...especially if she was attractive, if she was an unnattractive butch lesbian type it probably wouldnt matter"

Interestingly, two women also agreed with him.

I wonder if you would care to comment.


You will not be surprised that I have not receive a further response from her and you may have noticed that she did not answer my question.

Since this exchange Sam Swerling  mentioned to me that Mike had quarrelled with her about something about or other, and I can imagine it would most probably be something about ordaining female priests.

Anyway, if they had quarrelled, Mike would not be confiding in her about his suicidal feelings, and he was for this reason deprived of the pastoral care he might otherwise have received.

I suppose it is possible that Mike would not have gone to see his vicar even if he had been male if he had disliked him and been a lefty twerp like they all are these days.

I imagine a suicidal Jew or a suicidal Muslim would be better served by their rabbi or imam than a suicidal white socially conservative middle-aged male Christian already certain that this country has gone to to the dogs and bitches. Such a suicidal white socially conservative white Christian male attending a church that is already stuffed with PC libtard clergywomen and PC libtard men who are afraid of these selfish ambitious women whom they can't help fancying will have no spiritual comfort. While a rabbi or an imam would understand exactly what a member of their male flock is complaining about, a clergywoman would only look upon such a suicidal male member of her congregation with horror and disgust, and be unable to conceal it. Why, it is possible that she would even accuse him of a sexual offence out of malice which he will be powerless to disprove under our current laws of "accuse a man of a sexual offence, and you shall convict", and he will wish he had already killed himself when the cops come for him, if he hadn't gotten round to it by then.

What will happen to the number of Anglican male suicides now that the matriarchy will now tighten her squeeze on the testicles of men?

Let us keep a record, but it will be difficult to monitor. What will probably happen is that they will stop going to church and then kill themselves rather than continue attending church and then commit suicide while still considered a member of the congregation.  Perhaps it can be put to them that those minded to commit suicide leave a suicide note to point the finger of blame at the clergywoman and her church who failed them and also on their Facebook wall, for good measure.

Chik Kaw Tan, a lay member from the Lichfield Diocese, said: "The very same arguments that are being used to promote women in the episcopate are the very same arguments that are being used to redefine marriage from that which is between a man and a woman to two persons of the same sex."

I do hope he will be all right, or get in touch with me to fight this disgusting attempt by the matriarchy to marginalise anyone of a socially conservative disposition and even drive them to suicide by their studied incomprehension and indifference to their spiritual needs.

I have discovered that his alma mater is the Anglo-Chinese School of Ipoh which explains his loyalty to the former ideals of the Anglican Church that have now been swept aside by the matriarchy. These people will be doubtless more English than the English now, because the values that were inculcated in them were the values of the Englishmen of a bygone age when they were colonial administrators, which is now being comprehensively erased and forgotten by the denizens of the matriarchy that is now Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

  1. You are a man of 57 in 2010. You are feeling suicidal. You go to church regularly. Your vicar is female. Would her being female make you more or less likely to confide in her about your suicidal feelings?
  2. Would your answer depend on whether you found her attractive or not?
  3. Are female vicars on the whole a good thing, or are they a symptom of a deeper malaise?
  4. If female vicars are failing their male parishioners, would female bishops be even worse for them? discusses this question.

Could this question form the basis of an argument against female bishops if it can be established that having female vicars have been generally bad for male parishioners?

YouGov could conduct a survey of Anglican men and ask them if they feel they have been well-served by their female vicar and whether they find her attractive.  If they say answer yes to both questions, then their opinion can be dismissed.

Questions to ask both male and female vicars:

  1. Has any parishioner confided in you about his/her suicidal feelings?
  2. Was this parishioner male or female?
  3. Has any parishioner of yours committed suicide?
  4. If so, how many?


Anonymous said...

There's a female vicar who would very much like me to commit suicide, but I haven't indulged her yet, as you can see. Such fun.

Jack 24

Tom Price said...

Ask your nearest female bishop.

Claire Khaw said...

Everything will turn to shit even more quickly now. Tom will be dead when the shit really really really hits the fan.

Seamus Cameron said...

I wouldn't go to a church with female clergy. Ever.

Claire Khaw said...

Why not?

Seamus Cameron said...

Because I simply won't tolerate it. Nuns, I've no problem with but they aren't the leaders of the Church. Females aren't clergy in my mind nor will they ever be regardless what some group of halfwits votes on.

David Rosser Owen said...

It's basic Christian theology, much of which derives from St Paul's epistles. If you bin this, and just make it up to suit the fads and fashions of the time, not only are you falling foul of his comment about "adding and taking away" from the Message but you've changed it into something else. Having priestesses and bishopesses, for example, is not Christian as understood by the Church Fathers - and saintly women like St Theresa of Avila or Simone Weil. So, what do you have left?