Sunday, 7 October 2012

Citizen Khan is a comedy of a manners about a *whole* British family with manners

Notice that this family is Muslim and Asian.

You can't do it with white people any more because most of them have no family and most of them have no manners.

All the social comedy from this series comes from people having appearances to keep up and a father who heads the household.

That is why no white family will ever feature in this kind of comedy again.

Perhaps a sitcom might be made out of couple one of whom is a Muslim and the other a BNP member?

Lots of potential for pub and pork jokes.   


TheIndiidual said...

The show is a feminist wet dream. All the men are extremely emasculated. The women are painted as wise. The son-in-law is not referred to by his name but as 'budhu' (which means idiot/moron)

Every episode is Mr Khan being an idiot and all women being wise yodas.

Claire Khaw said...

My favourite character is the slut daughter.