Thursday, 11 October 2012

What Oz men can do about Julia Gillard

This is dedicated to a lovely lady I met a few years back who lives in Bunbury.  Apart from being a really lovely lady who knows everything  about clothes and how to put them together, and who defied a mugger, I remember her saying she did not like her Prime Minister who had basically got into power by bribing the great unwashed and is shacked up with her hairdresser boyfriend.  The shame of having to endure this indignity was great indeed.  I understood perfectly, as she was the old school type of white woman that I had always rather feared as a little girl.  She had certain memsahib qualities.   I suppose I really mean she was a proper lady with old-fashioned values, now becoming sadly extinct.

[Imagine me saying this is an Oz accent, please.  I can do Oz and I can do Cockney, just about.]  

Thoughts that went through my head as I was watching all the men of Oz men being berated by Julia:

Tom Abbott's quite a good looking bloke.

I feel really sorry for Oz men.

Australia is no longer the lucky country.

I bet the other races are watching this and giggling away to themselves. They are sniggering at white men who have to put up with this sort of shit from this woman, who slept her way up to the top and is a Commie Pinko whore, no less, with her live-in lover who is a former hairdresser ....

When you cut open a Green, you get a Red, and Julia is a red.   

You would have thought there were more urgent matters of state to discuss in Oz than Julia's hurt feelings.

If Oz men let her get away with it, they will only have themselves to blame.  

What I suggest they do:

  1. Treat her like a  man.  That is what she likes.  Thump her on the back too, like you would a man, the next time you see her.  
  2. Tell her the crude sexist jokes that you would tell another mate of yours.  When she gets offended tell her you are treating her like a genuine equal.  If she can't stand the heat she can go back into the kitchen.   
  3. Propose to narrow the franchise to taxpayer-only voters to disenfranchise  the stupider and welfare-dependent kind of voter who are her supporters.  Stop, wait, listen for howls of outrage from the women from the Labour Party.  Say it again louder and in a deeper voice.  Repeat until you get desired result.   

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